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We're a boutique cannabis and CBD marketing agency that is dedicated to marketing CBD, hemp, recreational marijuana, and medical cannabis.

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Why is SEO so important for cannabis business in the USA?


Cannabis pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising is still off-limits


Cannabis Social-media Advertising is still off-limits.

Digital Branding

Social-media accounts can be taken down at any time.

CBD Advertising Agency is the best SEO CBD and marijuana digital marketing company in the United States dedicated to advertising CBD oil, recreational marijuana, and medical cannabis.
We're also THE ONLY dispensary marketing agency that will return all your money in 30 days if you haven't received what we promised. Hire us, give us a chance to win your heart and if we fail to deliver any of our services – we'll give all your money back. No hard feelings!
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What can we do for your cannabis

Cannabis National Seo

Choosing a professional CBD marketing agency, your cannabis business will expand its activities to a national scale, which will significantly increase your revenue and profit.


Thanks to our cannabis marketing agency, your CBD company will be well recognized in the region where you are located increasing the number of local sales of your product.

Marijuana Link Building

The team of our marijuana marketing agency will work out a link-building strategy that will increase the number of backlinks to your site leading to the improvement of ranking in the search results.

Slide Looking for a CBD SEO
Are you looking for a cannabis marketing company or CBD SEO expert to help you launch your hemp marijuana retail dispensary? Stop looking. You’ve come to the right place!
CBD Advertising Agency has been around since 2015. In the past 6 years, our team of CBD marketing experts has consulted over 300 CBD brands inthe United States, Canada, Australia, UK, and EU.
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Slide Get in touch today! 92.96% of global traffic comes from Google search engine. SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media. SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate. The average top-ranking page also ranks in the top 10 search r
esults for nearly 1,000 other relevant keywords.
68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. . 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search. The #1 result in Google’s organic search results has an average CTR of 31.7%. check_circle_outline check_circle_outline check_circle_outline check_circle_outline check_circle_outline check_circle_outline check_circle_outline

CBD SEO Prices


  • FREE consultation
  • Monthly full traffic analysis
  • Keyword research service (finding up to 25 best keywords for your business)
  • On-page SEO service (Optimizing up to 10 web pages on your website)
  • Content writing service (5,000 words of content EVERY MONTH)
  • Link building service (2 strong back links built EVERY MONTH)
  • Monthly reports 
  • * 30-day money back guarantee

$999 / mo


  • FREE consultation Bi-weekly full traffic analysis
  • Keyword research service (finding up to 50 best keywords for your business)
  • On-page SEO service (Optimizing up to 20 web pages on your website)
  • Content writing service (10,000 words of content EVERY MONTH)
  • Link building service (4 strong backlinks built EVERY MONTH)
  • Bi-weekly reports (BONUS) Top 3 competitors analyzed and reverse-engineered
  • * 30-day money back guarantee

$1799 / mo


  • FREE consultation
  • Weekly full traffic analysis
  • Keyword research service (finding up to 100 best keywords for your business)
  • On-page SEO service (Optimizing up to 50 web pages on your website)
  • Content writing service (20,000 words of content EVERY MONTH) Link building service (8 strong backlinks built EVERY MONTH)
  • Link building service (8 strong backlinks built EVERY MONTH)
  • Weekly reports
  • (BONUS) Top 3 competitors analyzed and reverse-engineered
  • (BONUS) FULL on-page & off-page SEO audit
  • * 30-day money back guarantee

$3499 / mo


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What types of cannabis business do we
work with:

Medical or Recreational Dispensaries

CBD Advertising Agency will provide cannabis marketing services and CBD SEO services that will help your cannabis products become a number-one choice for their medical application. Does a dispensary need SEO? Sure thing as even more states legalize cannabis, and new businesses appear regularly. Entrust to professionals, and your brand will become widely recognized among doctors and patients.

Cannabis E-Commerce

The high online competition will challenge your business when selling your cannabis brands’ products online. And hiring our cannabis marketing agency and our professional SEO service for CBD brands, will raise your web sales revenue to a new level. With our help, you will offer your cannabis products and services to interested and target audiences.

Local Weed Producers/Sellers

Local weed sellers are active clients of cannabis companies. Your marijuana business needs a solid SEO presence on the most powerful local platforms, maps, and directories to establish a connection with these customers. Involve our CBD marketing agency to assist in the process. Our experienced cannabis marketing experts will create an individual strategy for local and national SEO and website promotion.

Branded Cannabis Products/Accessories (Head shops)

To reach head shops in the cannabis industry, our CBD SEO agency will increase your brand awareness among end-users and the owners of head shops they visit. Let them all know your brand name with the help of the CBD SEO services of our dispensary marketing agency.

Wholesale Cannabis Products and Services

Finding clients to supply them with your cannabis products on a wholesale basis will provide you with a regular source of revenue and profit. Thanks to our top-notch CBD digital marketing services, such clients will easily find you online by the relevant queries.

Cannabis Product Variations (oil, dry leaves, etc.)

If you provide a wide range of cannabis products, including dry leaves, seeds, oil, and more, your potential clients should find your website by corresponding queries. Our cannabis advertising agency will help to improve your positions by search requests related to all the range of CBD products you sell. In addition, we will make sure that you’ll get to the top rankings in the SERP thanks to a thorough cannabis SEO strategy.

Cannabis Resellers

Resellers cooperate only with companies that provide the best terms of cooperation, and they constantly check out the CBD market. Thanks to CBD Advertising Agency, they will find your cannabis business online and offline. Furthermore, our marijuana SEO agency will increase your visibility online and address your target audience. In the meantime, your task will be to satisfy them with the terms of mutual work.

Cannabis Transporters

Courier services often cooperate with the cannabis industry. Thanks to our CBD SEO services for cannabis delivery companies, you will be able to regularly and profitably cooperate with cannabis transporters increasing your clients’ base by adding their end-users to it.

Our tools & services

Boost Your Business Through SEO Cannabis

Employ the knowledge and experience of our SEO cannabis 

company at the max and boost your profits.

Get a Proven SEO Strategy That Performs at 100% for Your Niche

Benefit from Extensive Keyword Research to Determine Customer Needs

Get to Know How Your Competitors Are Doing with Cannabis SEO Services

Get a Full List of Target Keywords That Match Customer Search Intents

Get Your Site Promoted with 100% Relevant Keywords Only

Boost Your Site Traffic and Search Engine Results

Get to the Top of Search Rankings for Your Target Niche

Increase Your Customer Base With a Personalized Marijuana SEO Tactic

Do you want to become famous in the USA?


Traditionally, the price of marijuana SEO can be influenced by many factors – whether it is a new domain or domain with a history, its previous experience of promotion, what exactly was managed to achieve during the existence of the project, the location in which the business operates, the situation with the assortment and even the quality of the content published on the website, as well as user interaction with the resource, For pinpoint tasks like a technical audit or a reference strategy, prices can start from 1,000 USD. As for more complex tasks, the usual price for complex SEO starts at 2,500 USD.

You can leave a request either through the application form on our website or mail us at or by calling us at the phone number indicated on the website or by contacting the live chat. Our support team will answer all your questions or put you in touch with an SEO specialist if needed.

For a preliminary assessment of the prospects of our interaction, we need from 2 to 5 working days (from 15 to 40 working hours). Of course, we will ask some clarifying questions to simplify and speed up the process of developing an SEO strategy for the cannabis niche. Our cannabis SEO experts will make everything possible to provide you with the first results in next to no time.

We will implement the effective strategy of your site development, which will lead it to success – and therefore the desired TOP in SERP and sufficient traffic. Of course, forecasts will be based on the results of the audit of the competitive environment and based on the traffic that is proper to this industry and this particular location.

Of course, as a part of SEO for cannabis, even at the stage of initial evaluation, we give recommendations on those errors that already interfere with the quality ranking of your project. It may be the absence of an optimized version for mobile devices or a long time of site loading. However, to get the best results, it is essential to conduct a full analysis of the website.

The history of our company is an iterative interaction with both projects from scratch and domains with a greater or lesser previous history of the promotion. We understand how luxury marijuana dispensary SEO should work. A complex of approaches may bring first results already in several months. For example, creating evergreen content, local SEO, and digital marketing campaign. Without any doubts, we will help your resource if we see possible options for help or will honestly admit that we are not able to help yet.

First of all, we will conduct an audit of preliminary activities and help you understand what was done wrong, what gaps interfered with your site before, and how we can eliminate them most efficiently. Usually, this initial analysis (during 2-5 working days) helps us to understand what tools will be useful and what you can achieve with us, whether the project will grow or, on the contrary, we first need to neutralize the negative consequences of previous work on the site, before planning the next project activities. Specialists will also find the technical flaws of your website, analyze the search volume of keywords to create useful and interesting content, and provide you with any further recommendations.


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