Weedmaps Vs. Leafly: Which One Is Better?

Nikolay Stoyanov

January 4, 2022

In this article, we’re going to compare Weedmaps vs. Leafly. Let’s dive in!

Weedmaps and Leafly are recognized as two of the most significant cannabis websites globally. These two gigantic companies supply numerous global markets with their wide variety of marijuana and hemp products.

If you’re a new user and want to buy from one of these two sites, you should start by comparing Weedmaps vs. Leafly. Although somewhat similar, each has a specific set of substances that cannot be found in the other shop.

While sales features are great for marijuana users, this isn’t the main reason why cannabis business owners should be interested in Weedmaps and Leafly.

Both of these sites work as cannabis directories. By posting your website on them, you can get a lot of referral traffic and increase your sales.

This article will consider some of the main differences between these two companies, both in terms of their organizational structure, products they’re selling, and how cannabis owners can benefit from them.

Weedmaps basics

Weedmaps is an excellent place for all marijuana and hemp dispensary owners. However, it is much more than a directory; it is a community that unities numerous cannabis entrepreneurs worldwide. Here, they can talk about various strains and businesses while also rating and reviewing them.

The company was created in Irvine, California. Nowadays, they have offices in numerous places worldwide, counting around 200 employees. Since 2008, Weedmaps has slowly grown to become one of the largest websites and communities for marijuana and hemp enthusiasts.

They get the majority of traffic through their app. Most of these visitors come by searching the phrase “dispensaries near me.” By landing on the Weedmaps site, a potential buyer can learn a lot about a particular brand by analyzing its prices, rates, and reviews.

This makes it great for consumers and for all companies providing superb service but doesn’t have enough money to advertise themselves.

Main features on Wedmaps

Here are some of the main features of the website:

  • Full profile
  • Product Menu
  • Map Pin
  • Deals
  • Ratings/Reviews
  • Customer messaging

Weedmaps price

While this sounds great, being listed on Weedmaps may cost money. Cannabis companies have 3 options to choose from:

  • Free (You get a backlink to your website, brand page, and the ability to put a logo)
  • Basic $300 per month (Besides free features, you also get map market, basic listing, product menu, about us page, ratings/reviews)
  • Premium $500 per month (You get another extra option with deals page)

Submitting your company to Weedmaps is a bit complicated. First, you will have to make a phone call with an operator to go over all the features and decide how to set up your page. However, this allows you to fine-tune your marketing on Weedmaps and create a good brand image.

Leafly basics

Leafly is the best alternative to Weedmaps. It was initially a website that reviewed various strains.

In time, they added a dispensary directory, which was when their business really picked up. Now, they are generally regarded as the most prominent marijuana community globally.

The company was created in Irvine, California, but its headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington. They were initially created in 2010 as a privately held enterprise. Their primary source of revenue comes from display advertising.

Of course, they also have listing packages. In addition, all their ad campaigns are based on cost-per-impression instead of the usual cost-per-click model.

Main features on Leafly

Here are some of the main reasons you should consider using this website. Keep in mind that most of these services are bought individually and cost extra:

  • Map markers
  • Company profiles
  • Profile upgrades
  • Additional marketing services
  • Product menu
  • Video showcase

Leafly price

An exciting thing about Leafly is that its model is based on location. So, it can range from $600 to $4,000 each month, depending on where you’re at.

This pertains to dispensary advertising or delivery service. If you compare Leafly vs. Weedmaps, it quickly becomes evident that Leafly is more expensive, so that’s something to consider.

Companies that are already listed on the site can get a small discount. Still, you will need to set aside around $500 to be listed on the website. This can be quite unfortunate if visitors do not actually check your page.

Keep in mind that while Leafly gets a lot of visitors, that doesn’t necessarily mean that these visitors will land on your page.

Weedmaps vs. Leafly: Direct comparison

Now that we’ve gone through some basics, let’s analyze some of the main factors that will help you choose one platform over another.

Website traffic

Most people will start the analysis by checking the traffic. And while this is a good start, website traffic can be a bit deceiving. Keep in mind that this stat is often fluctuating and doesn’t necessarily have to indicate how much traffic your own profile will get.

Generally speaking, Leafly is much better regarding the overall number of visitors. For example, they get 3 times more visits compared to Weedmaps.

Unfortunately, while Weedmaps places focus on dispensaries, Leafly prefers showcasing products. So in that sense, perhaps it’s even better to invest in your own SEO. Luckily, CBD Advertising Agency can help with that!

Main features

Now, you have to consider what you’re getting for this amount of money. It is tough to determine which platform is better in that regard, as both of them provide some intriguing options.

Pricing options

As we already mentioned previously, Leafly tends to be much more expensive than Weedmaps. This is especially true for smaller dispensaries that just want to get their business off the ground. However, if we also consider the fact that the traffic is not the best measure, it becomes evident that Weedmaps can provide a lot more based on per visitor basis.

Weedmaps vs. Leafly: Final Verdict

Based on everything that we’ve said, it seems that you can get much more by advertising your cannabis business on Weedmaps vs. Leafly.

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