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SEO for CBD Companies: Why It’s Crucial in 2020

Today, online marketing is everything.

If you wish to reach your customers, you can no longer rely on obsolete marketing channels such as TV, radio, and billboards.

Instead, you have to create an online presence that will help propel your brand to that next level.

In terms of the cannabis industry, there aren’t many options better than SEO. In fact, we can say that SEO for CBD companies is the most reliable way of increasing a site’s visibility.

It is an approach that takes time, but once you’re there, you can rest assured it will be worth it. SEO or search engine optimization can potentially give you access to tens of thousands of monthly visitors.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur who owns a cannabis business, you’re probably wondering whether SEO is worth it.

Does SEO for CBD companies really work?

In this article, we will answer some burning questions, talk about the viability of this marketing approach, and everything else you need to know.

What is SEO and how does it work?

Search engine optimization represents a process during which an SEO expert will try to improve your website’s visibility in a search engine (Google, in particular).

This expert will do a series of tasks that will help you reach the first page of Google for various keywords.

In other words, optimization is a process during which a person tries to “satisfy” Google’s algorithm, so it perceived the website as more relevant to a search query.

There are a lot of different things that an expert can do for your site, including:

  • Site audit
  • Removal of “toxic” or bad links
  • Quickening the site
  • Making your website more responsive
  • Make your website mobile-friendly
  • Creating content for your blog
  • Getting more links to your pages, etc.

Sometimes, search engine optimization experts can perform other tasks as well. They might work on your social media as well, or on other marketing projects.

Although these individuals specialize in website optimization, most of them are great marketing experts who can handle numerous tasks.

Let’s take a closer look at how SEO works in the cannabis industry.

Basically, Google loves websites that provide a good user experience.

This is why your site needs to be quick, to be responsive, to be authoritative, and to have a lot of reoccurring visitors who read every article you post.

By improving all these processes, you’re showing the search engine that you should have a better position. In order to satisfy the users’ needs, Google will slowly give you better rankings showing your content to more and more people.

It is as simple as that.

Why is SEO important for the CBD industry?

CBD industry is still developing in most countries, such as the US and Australia. These are enormous markets where almost any medical product can have a bright future.

CBD products have experienced a meteoric rise in popularity. A lot of entrepreneurs have noticed this trend, which is why new companies are opened on a daily basis.

Although the market is not that saturated, the increased competition makes it harder and harder for CBD businesses to leave their mark. This means that you also have to invest more in order to keep pace.

There are several online marketing methods you need to consider, with the best ones being SMM, SEO, PPC.

We already explained what SEO is. But what is SMM?

SMM stands for social media marketing, and it represents a marketing approach during which an expert will try to increase your presence on a particular social media (or several social media).

PPC stands for pay-per-click where a company posts an ad and pay for every click they get.

Out of these 3 approaches, we have to say that search engine optimization is the best.

Of course, SEO can be used in conjunction with PPC and SMM, but if you had to choose one, it is much better to choose search engine optimization for your CBD business.

SEO works really well for new industries. There isn’t a big competition, and there are no major global brands that you have to worry about.

It is a long-term approach that can literally create a global brand from your small local company (if done right).

By comparison, PPC requires a lot of money, and although it provides instant results, as soon as you stop paying, you will not have anything to show for. SMM can be good if done right.

The only problem with this approach is that social media constantly change their policies. They can also fluctuate in terms of popularity.

On the other hand, Google hasn’t lost any of its market share in the last decade.

How can our SEO company help your CBD business?

Luckily for you, our company specializes in SEO for CBD companies. We have extensive experience working in this industry.

In other words, we have a lot of contacts, a lot of experience creating CBD content, and we know what works and what doesn’t.

All of this would allow us to get better and quicker results compared to other SEO experts who haven’t worked with CBD businesses.

Here are some of the CBD SEO services we can provide:

  • SEO audit – We will check your site for all minor or major issues. The audit is especially great for a site that has been penalized by Google or that were under a negative SEO attack
  • Designing your CBD website – We have a lot of experience designing CBD websites. It is much better for an SEO expert to design your site (if they have the know-how) as it will allow them to optimize the site from the get-go
  • Mobile-friendly – We can make your site mobile friendly so that the content can be seen from any mobile device as if it were a desktop computer
  • Website speed – Our team will increase your website’s speed thus allowing visitors to have an uninterrupted browsing experience
  • Link building – Link building is one of the main activities for CBD sites. It is one of the most important factors for Google, and by getting more high-quality links, you are able to increase your chances of ranking higher
  • Content creation – We are also great at wring blog posts. Not only do we have vast experience, but we can create articles that will help your rank

Final words

We firmly believe that SEO for CBD companies is the most powerful weapon in any cannabis business arsenal.

Given that we have a lot of experience with online marketing, we can also perform other tasks such as SMM and PPC for CBD and hemp brands.

We can also give you a good deal so get in touch today!

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