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On-page SEO

We aim to unlock your site’s potential by fixing all its on-page issues. We use the best on-page SEO tactics to make sure Google loves your site and ranks it #1.

What is CBD on-page SEO?

CBD on-page SEO is the basis upon which you optimize a website. But, given that the Google search engine’s algorithm is constantly changing, it can be really hard to stay ahead of the game. Most entrepreneurs find it impossible to continuously have good optimization results and retain the top rankings in Google. 

This is where our SEO company comes into play. We have a pretty simple goal – we wish to drastically boost your site’s results allowing it to reach the top spots in Google. In order to do so, we utilize the best optimization practices and software that would make your website more Google-friendly.

On-page SEO basics

To put it plainly, CBD on-page SEO is a set of processes that are meant to improve your rankings in Google and bring in new leads. In order to do so, search engine optimization professionals will focus on your articles and HTML code, making them more acceptable for Google’s “crawlers."

Although it sounds straightforward, there is a possible issue ahead.

On-page optimization is really complex, which makes it troublesome for inexperienced entrepreneurs who wish to optimize the website by themselves. Because of that, most companies will be able to meet just a small portion of these requirements.

The full list of on-page SEO processes

From meta tags to URL strings, there are various things you need to perform during CBD on-page SEO.

Given that we are one of the best SEO providers within the cannabis industry, we can create a valid optimization strategy that will push your site towards its goal. By analyzing the site’s stats, we can find unexplored opportunities and create an actionable plan that will increase site visibility on every search engine, including Google. 

Here are the things we can help you with:

  • Meta tags

Meta tags are important for 2 things. They help Google’s “crawlers" by showing the importance of a page for a specific query. They also assist web users and can improve the click-through rate. When performing meta tag optimization, you should especially be careful of title tags and meta descriptions. Title tags describe what the page is all about. At the same time, meta descriptions are like a short description of a page. It is crucial for users who wish to learn more about content before accessing it. If you’re able to create great meta descriptions, you will also be able to increase the traffic to your website

  • Heading tags

Besides on-page optimization, heading tags are crucial for the readability of your articles. By adding several of them, from H1 to H6, you can improve a page’s rankings as well as the overall usefulness of a site. By using the right phrases within heading tags, you can boost a page’s positioning within Google. It shows “crawlers," what is the focus of the page. “Crawlers" also rely on heading tags and article content to determine relevancy to the query. By using heading tags, your site will have a better structure. They can improve user experience by presenting invaluable data. Also, keep in mind that most readers don’t actually read the whole post. Most of them will skip to the section where they can find an answer to their question. This is another reason why heading tags are so important as they point users in the right direction

  • URL strings

URL strings are oftentimes referred to as “website address." They are crucial for proper CBD on-page SEO. If you can create shorter and more precise strings, you can easily improve the page’s rankings. This is especially true if you’re able to add relevant phrases within the URL strings.

  • Creating Google and user-friendly posts

Nowadays, given the enormous competition on the internet, it is crucial to create amazing posts that would attract enough visitors (and leads) to your website. However, relying on obsolete strategies such as keyword stuffing will not give you the results you need. Instead, it is something that can even harm your optimization process. Our company can implement the newest, best-performing content techniques that will help, not only with Google but also with users who visit your site. In fact, content marketing is one of the focal points of our on-page optimization. Before we do anything, we will perform thorough keyword research that would enable us to prioritize certain phrases over others. Once we find keywords with lots of volume, we will make posts that are meant to solve visitors’ problems. Given our extensive knowledge of Google’s algorithm and all the recent changes, we can put phrases in just the right places thus improving a page’s ranking potential

  • Optimizing images

Having high-quality images is very important, but you cannot neglect their optimization. They need to be properly scaled and to have alt tags so you can get more from Google. We always pay close attention to this aspect of SEO. We start by compressing the images so that the pages can load more quickly. We will also add appropriate alt tags that would make them relevant for particular search queries

  • Internal link building (Interlinking)

Links remain one of the most important ranking factors. This is true not only for your external but also for your internal links. So, once you decide to give us a shot, we will make sure you get the most out of the links within your site. Not only will interlinking help boost your SEO performance, but it will also make all your content interconnected perfectly

  • Responsive website design

Nowadays, Google penalizes sites that don’t have the right design. Our company focuses on things such as mobile-friendly design so that your users can always have a good experience no matter which device they’re using to access your site

Get the best on-page SEO at a reasonable price

If you wish to attain higher rankings and get more web traffic, you have to invest in CBD on-page SEO. But, given that you probably have a lot on your mind, we understand that you would need some help. This is precisely why we’re here. With our affordable SEO services, you can finally get to the top spots in Google search engine.


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