Medical Marijuana SEO: Medical Cannabis Dispensary SEO

Nikolay Stoyanov

January 5, 2022

Advertising a cannabis company can be challenging. Medical marijuana SEO is pretty much the only viable option. This article will explain why!

Although governments of the world are now more receptive towards CBD and recreational marijuana, many things still have to be addressed. First, it is true that we still lack research.

Some people have doubts regarding CBD efficiency. As a result, a lot of companies are reluctant to invest in cannabis businesses, especially banks and other financial institutions.

How can you promote marijuana?

The lack of legislation and regulation leads to numerous issues.

For example, it is tough to advertise marijuana as most social networks prevent any content that can be regarded as promotional. The same goes for Google pay-per-click.

Cannabis entrepreneurs have their hands tied.

While this problem can be severe for young businesses, a viable solution is investing in medical marijuana SEO!

Unlike paid ads and social media, you are able to advertise through search engine optimization. However, since Google has to present results to its users, the search engine cannot avoid showing marijuana-related topics.

So, if you find the right cannabis SEO expert, you can get to the first page of Google, thus harnessing all that lucrative traffic for your site!

Here are some of the main things you need to know about SEO for medical marijuana dispensaries. Check it out!

What is SEO?

Although it’s 2020, there are still many people who don’t know much about SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. As its name implies, it is a process of improving your site to reach higher positions in Google and other search engines.

The process is entirely legal, and it involves various techniques and methods such as link building, content writing, editing, improving site speed, making your website mobile-friendly, etc.

The sad truth is that only the top 5 to 10 results in Google get any traffic. So if you’re unable to reach those top spots, it is as if your CBD company doesn’t exist.

The lack of optimization can be debilitating for any company, but it is especially troublesome for those that rely on online traffic.

Keep in mind that most cannabis companies focus on web sales, so without SEO for medical marijuana dispensaries, you cannot seriously consider getting that traffic (especially when you consider that other online marketing channels are closed to you).

In a nutshell, a weed SEO expert will make your website better for users.

Medical marijuana SEO can be an arduous process; you can’t do anything overnight. This is why, if you decide to hire a marijuana marketing expert, you need to have a lot of patience.

You might see the first improvements after a couple of months, but for the real thing, you will have to wait for upward of one year.

A great thing about optimization is that the results stay. Unlike your regular ads, which stop showing once you stop paying, your website will remain optimized even when you stop optimizing.

As long as a person doesn’t make any mess, you will always benefit when you pay for such a service.

What are the main benefits of medical marijuana SEO?

Ok, by now, you realize that search engine optimization should bring more traffic to your website.

But how does that convey to your business? What kind of improvements can you expect if you hire a marketing expert?

Here are some of the main benefits of medical marijuana SEO!

1. Raising brand awareness

Together with increased traffic, you will also raise brand awareness. If you have enough content on your site, people will even visit you to read these articles!

As you continue optimizing, you will slowly become popular among cannabis users and cannabis enthusiasts who want to learn more about the plant and the market. This will help with all your other marketing effort.

Furthermore, through medical marijuana SEO, you will be able to generate much more goodwill than you would with simple ads.

2. Higher return on investment

Medical marijuana SEO can provide the highest return on investment of all marketing channels and strategies. But, there is a catch: most people don’t wait long enough to reap the fruits.

The cannabis entrepreneurs are often impatient when waiting for campaign results to kick in. The best thing is that once your site is optimized, you won’t have to pay for SEO services anymore, but the results will stay. It takes a lot of work by other medical cannabis dispensary SEO companies to take away your rankings in Google.

So, even if PPC and SMM were the options, it would still be wise to implement medical marijuana SEO as primary marketing methods.

3. Increasing brand credibility

People will start trusting you more if you’re all over the web. It is a simple fact. With every new top 10 positions, you will be seen as a cannabis authority.

This works well in the short and long run. By increasing credibility, it will be much easier to convert leads. This will also help with other things, such as retaining the clients and attracting new clients to your site.

In addition, you will be more quotable, and don’t be surprised if people start sharing your content in no time!

How to find the right weed SEO expert for your marijuana company?

Finding the right person is one of the most challenging marketing decisions you’ll have to make.

A person who doesn’t have enough experience can mess out your site. But, on the flip side, a great weed SEO expert can bring so much traffic that you would forget all the other marketing channels.

Here are some of the tips when choosing medical marijuana SEO expert:

Always hire a person that specializes in medical marijuana

Every niche and industry is different, so a person who has worked with cannabis is more likely to give results.

Furthermore, experienced cannabis experts have lots of contacts within the industry, providing them with a jump start when they start the campaign.

Check their website

If their website is well optimized and ranks for numerous keywords, it is the best showcase of their ability. If they can’t reach top spots for themselves, don’t expect they’ll get them for you.

Also, check their reviews and testimonials

They should have a lot of satisfied clients (if they’re good). Keep in mind that a lot of information will be hidden due to client confidentiality. However, they should show you projects with positive data and trends in Google Search Console.

Are they easy to reach

Communication is the key to long-term projects. Given that most cannabis SEO experts work online and establish contact through programs such as Skype and Zoom, you need someone available. The same goes for friendliness and attitude. You don’t want to cooperate with someone who will bring you nothing but headaches.

By simply following these quick tips, you will find the right person for the project!

Last thoughts

If you’re serious about your business, you should also be serious about medical marijuana SEO.

There simply aren’t any better marketing channels to explore at this moment in time. But, even if they were, you should be wise to consider this kind of a promotion at least.

If you need an experienced CBD marketing company, we will definitely meet your needs. Contact us as soon as possible for a quote!

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