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Marijuana Marketing: The Ultimate Guide [2020]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the CBD market is on a significant rise. Today’s topic is marijuana marketing.

CBD products are a huge fab right now. Contrary to popular opinion, these items have nothing to do with psychoactive drugs.

Yes, they are made from the cannabis plant, but their purpose is completely different from a marijuana joint.

Medical marijuana has become such a lucrative business in the US. If we presume the same growth, we can expect that the companies’ revenues will reach 16 billion dollars in 2026.

The number of cannabis companies increases each year, which poses a significant risk for fledgling entrepreneurs.

Although the demand is always on the rise, it is hard to position a cannabis company. You need to invest enough money to make it work. In the end, it all comes down to one thing – Having good CBD advertising!

But, before we get into CBD marketing, let’s go through some marijuana and, in particular, CBD marijuana basics. Read on!

What is CBD (Cannabidol)?

Marijuana is renowned for its 2 main active substances: THC (or Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (or cannabidiol).

THC is a psychoactive substance. If you want to smoke weed, it needs to have enough THC to make you high.

Various growing methods will increase the quantity of the substance. The marijuana growers can have a significant impact on the process of altering the product’s taste, smell, and power.

CBD is a medical substance. There is a high quantity of CBD in hemp (which is a part of the cannabis plant family), but you can also get it from regular cannabis.

One important thing to note is that medical marijuana has low levels of THC.

What does that mean?

If you’re using cannabis to improve your wellbeing, you shouldn’t get high.

It has a very similar impact like any other drug; it will reach your body and start working inside.

Like with any other medication, if cannabis starts causing side effects, you should consult with a medical professional and change your therapy.

CBD marijuana is classified as a food product as well as a therapeutic product.

Main issues with CBD and cannabis in general

Until recently, marijuana was referred to as this vile gateway drug, which, although not that dangerous by itself, can entice a user into trying other drugs.

Our perception has changed a lot since we realize that CBD can heal people. But, that doesn’t mean that we can easily get rid of prior prejudice.

The lawmakers are still tentative when it comes to cannabis, which is why there is a limited number of US states that allow usage of medical cannabis.

One of the most significant issues right now is the lack of studies.

Although CBD has shown a lot of promise, enthusiasts and companies tend to overblow its usefulness.

At this point, we are pretty sure that medical marijuana can help with:

  • Pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Anxiety, depression, and PTSD
  • Insomnia
  • Various inflammations

There are lots of other indications that marijuana can be used for some other conditions as well.

For example, some people claim that it can be used to slow down the growth of cancer cells, it can help slow down certain degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, it might be used for digestive issues, etc.

The lack of knowledge is a major hurdle right now.

We also need to wait for people’s perceptions to change. However, there are some noticeable changes already.

For example, there is a tendency to remove pejorative terms such as weed and marijuana.

The word marijuana was invented and popularized during the 1930s by Harry Anslinger. He was a government official who was in charge of the Federal War on Drugs.

By using the term “marijuana,” Anslinger wanted to change the perception of cannabis. 

Marijuana sounded Spanish, and Anslinger hoped that this word would create a public uproar.

Although marijuana was a common term for almost a century, there is an initiative to make it obsolete. That way, we can focus on cannabis (the plant, not the psychoactive substance) and its healing properties.

Another major issue that needs to be mentioned is the lack of universal legislation.

Given the opposing views, as well as lack of data, it is tough to find common ground. At this point, 33 states have legalized cannabis in one way or another.

However, there are still a lot of them where it is strictly prohibited in any shape or form. This prohibition causes a lot of issues for patients.

For example, even if you have all the documents that would allow the use of marijuana, your marijuana company can be charged if you cross a border of a neighboring state.

This can also be reflected through trade.

The cannabis business is allowed in some states and countries, while in others, it is strictly prohibited.

The only silver lining is that most companies are selling cannabis online, which makes things a bit easier and faster.

Main benefits of CBD marketing

Now that you know the basics, it is time to talk about the potential cannabis marketing benefits.

1. Market positioning

The marijuana market is not saturated.

Although there are individual international companies that have been dealing with this product for a while, the market is generally underdeveloped.

This gives a lot of leeway for entrepreneurs, and growers who want to start their business from scratch.

To exploit this opportunity, you need to establish your brand as soon as possible. This is where CBD marketing comes into place.

Given that the majority of the cannabis business is done online, you will have to focus on online marijuana marketing.

You will need the following 3 things:

  • Responsive website with good design
  • Properly executed SEO strategy
  • Investing in social media whenever you can

The biggest issue with marijuana business is that most web advertisers forbid CBD marketing. It is still regarded as a gray zone. However, we will talk about this in the following chapter.

2. Increased profitability

If you never ran a business, you probably think that marketing is nothing more than an expense.


First of all, you shouldn’t look at CBD marketing as an expense but instead, as an investment. Furthermore, it is a process that can increase your profitability.

What do we mean by that?

Investing your savings into the cannabis business might seem rough at first.

Most people are unable to let go of their hard-earned money. But this is where you need to make a decision.

Of course, you can always run a business with minimal marketing, but by investing in your CBD project, you will be able to increase your profits exponentially.

Yes, the initial payments will be tough, but as soon as you break even, you will be glad that you did it.

3. Reaching out to customers in other states

Here is one thing that many companies neglect.

The cannabis market is pretty fragmented in the US. This is mostly due to legislation. There are still a lot of states that don’t allow the use or reselling of the plant.

Some states have imposed severe barriers to marijuana companies. As a result, selling marijuana will be easier in some countries and impossible in others.

For example, you can freely sell weed in California, while neighboring Arizona allows only medical marijuana.

This fragmentation may look like a risk, but it is actually an opportunity.

If you’re a CBD company from Arizona, you can advertise in California and freely sell marijuana in that state. Of course, there might be specific issues during transport.

For example, Arizona companies may sell marijuana in other states, but it cannot transport the goods throughout the borders. In the end, it all depends on a state’s legislation.

The point is, your cannabis or CBD company can focus on other, more liberal markets and promote goods there. The only way to do it is by investing in CBD marketing.

It makes it easier than you’re selling CBD cannabis, but still, the same problems tend to persist.

Of course, you will have to do your diligence beforehand because there are numerous legal issues you might encounter along the way.

Make sure you’re completely covered from all sides before making any transaction!

4. Retaining customers

As the cannabis market develops, it will be increasingly harder to retain customers.

With the increased number of companies and available products, there will always be some discounts and new intriguing marijuana strains. That is why you need to utilize CBD marketing for retaining clients.

Recurring customers are especially crucial for new businesses. As you are still fragile, you need to make sure that people come back over and over again.

You can do this task through various means, including proper customer care, reasonable prices, and products, but also continuous marijuana marketing.

So, how does marketing work with CBD?

People who had a good experience with your product are more likely to return.

But even then, some are willing to explore the market with each new purchase. You need to limit this by continuously promoting your brand.

Our CBD advertising agency will gladly help!

The current state of marijuana marketing

There are numerous ways to promote your online CBD business. Your marijuana company can choose between SMM (social media marketing), SEO (search engine optimization), and PPC (pay-per-click). Each one of these approaches has its benefits and drawbacks.

The recent 2018 Farm Bill makes things much harder for online advertisers. This is especially true for those who are focusing on PPC marketing.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have specific policies in place that make it hard for cannabis businesses. This might change soon, but as of this moment, you will have a hard time making an immediate impact.

Luckily, your CBD company can always invest in SEO as one of the best ways of raising brand awareness and improving your business in the long-run.

This might not be the solution you need, but it will provide much better results over time. SEO is our CBD advertising agency’s main focus, so we will definitely be able to help with that.

Here are some of the main restrictions you need to be aware of:

1. Google Ads

Generally speaking, web advertisers are restrictive when it comes to promoting cannabis.

Even though Google has a similar position, it has made remarkable strides to improve the outlook of the product.

They have recently made a study that included numerous CBD advertisers. The point of this exercise was to find a middle ground that would allow suitable advertising of the product.

Still, at this point, we would suggest against Google Ads. If you post a cannabis ad on this platform, there is a good chance it will be taken down and that you will be prohibited from advertising in the future.

2. Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, and as such, it serves as a staple for all other platforms.

The platform provides an exciting workaround for CBD products.

Although cannabis-based CBD advertising is prohibited, you can advertise the product if it’s made from hemp.

It gives companies a point of an entrance, which is an essential first step for the future of marijuana and CBD marketing.

You are even able to place a direct link to your site. Nevertheless, this policy is continuously in flux. Like everything else cannabis-related, you will need to keep a close eye on potential changes.

3. Twitter

You should probably avoid paid Twitter ads.

The platform is quite restrictive when it comes to cannabis and other herbal medications. You won’t be able to utilize their paid promotion. However, you are still able to employ SMM skills.

Twitter users can link to their site, post content, and other relevant cannabis news. So, you are able to grow social media presence on Twitter, as long as you’re not paying for the ads.

Still, you will have to avoid making any medical claims. The platform’s representatives are nipping this behavior in the bud (no pun intended), and your CBD company can even get in legal trouble.

4. Instagram

As a platform that is on the major rise, you need to consider Instagram promotion, at least.

Unfortunately, Instagram’s policies are very similar to those of Twitter. You won’t be able to run marijuana ads, although it is possible to promote cannabis business through your personal account.

Keep in mind that Instagram is less restrictive than Twitter. Even if you post a cannabis ad, it is less likely that the moderators will notice it. We would still suggest against it, though.

The 3 methods for marijuana marketing online

As previously mentioned, there are 3 main methods for promoting any online business: SMM, SEO, and PPC.

Each one of them is unique and can provide different results. You can employ all 3 of them simultaneously in order to maximize web exposure.

Let’s check their benefits, drawback, and how they work for CBD marijuana!

1. PPC advertising

This is probably the least lucrative of these 3 methods (at least right now).

PPC is also the quickest method for getting new clients. Basically, as soon as you pay for an ad, your product will be shown on Google or one of the social media platforms.

The results are instantaneous, but as soon as you stop paying, your ads will be removed.

During PPC, you have to bid against other competitors for ad space. Needless to say, the cannabis company with the highest bid will be shown on a platform’s pages. This can be quite grueling in competitive industries, as PPC prices can be really high.

The good thing about PPC is that you don’t pay for ads per se. Instead, you will pay for the clicks.

When you bid, you bid for the price you’re willing to pay for any click on a link.

The links lead your cannabis site (but can also be used for any other websites), where a potential customer will learn more about your products.

However, the fact that people click on a link doesn’t mean they’re customers.

They just might be interested in your site, products, prices, or something else.

Having an optimized landing page and a responsive website can play a vital role in converting the clients. Of course, you will also need competitive products and prices.

There are lots of limitations to these methods, as big platforms are unwilling to risk it with cannabis-related products. But, there are ways to make it work.

2. Cannabis SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a process that is meant to bring long-term success.

Unlike PPC, it is great for building a brand and is exceptionally efficient for new, unsaturated industries.

With SEO, you can penetrate the CBD market and position yourself as one of the major organizations.

So, how does it work?

The ultimate goal of optimization is to reach one of the top spots within a search engine.

The term usually refers to Google optimization, but it can also be used for other search engines (such as Yahoo!, YouTube, Bing, etc.). If you’re able to secure one of the top spots, you will be able to increase your profits significantly.

The major drawback of this method is that it provides slow results. You cannot simply become the best CBD company overnight; it requires a lot of work to get there.

A search engine optimization expert will try to fix various aspects of your site, such as speed, responsiveness, design, etc. They will also work on things such as improving content and adding links to the pages.

It is always good to invest in optimization. You are also able to combine this strategy with some other marijuana marketing techniques.

3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM refers to social media marketing. It is a process during which you increase the following and visibility on social media.

SMM expert will be in charge of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other profiles. With this promotional activity, you can become one of the top marijuana influencers within your niche.

SMM is similar to SEO because it needs time to take effect. It is an approach that takes money and time, but the results can be amazing.

It can be used for various platforms, and it provides something different compared to Google optimization.

You can pair this approach with SEO and PPC to get the best possible results. Combining these methods also decreases overall marketing risks in case something goes wrong.

What is the best method for your CBD business?

Ideally, you should try to utilize all 3 methods. That would increase your reach. If you had to choose one of these 3, we suggest you go with Google optimization (SEO).

So far, social media have proven to be whimsical. There are constantly some changes that may affect your business.

On the other hand, Google needs to provide information about marijuana, no matter what.

The primary purpose of the search engine is to give its users proper data, which means, if you’re able to optimize your site and content, you will always be able to appear among the top results.

But, choosing the right marijuana marketing agency is also essential.

Here are some things to consider when looking for the right expert or agency:

  • CBD marketing experts should be experienced. Although digital marketing changes all the time, you need an expert who is able to tell the right approaches from the bad ones
  • It is better if you find a company that specializes in CBD and marijuana advertising
  • A track record is always crucial. Make sure to ask for referrals, whether within the industry or outside of the industry. Keep in mind that some CBD marketing experts will not be able to provide such data if they worked with other marijuana companies (due to data confidentiality)
  • It is much better if you can find a cannabis advertising agency that can perform all 3 tasks. That way, you won’t have to go back-and-forth with numerous experts

That’s that! As long as you follow these simple rules, you will be able to find just the right person to represent your CBD business.

If you do decide to give us a chance, you can always get in touch with our marijuana advertising company through our email or contact form.

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