Keyword Research for CBD

Keyword Research for CBD brands

Using professional keyword research tools and competitive analyses we'll find the best converting keywords for your CBD or cannabis business.

What is keyword research for CBD companies?

Figuring out what your clients need is the hardest thing for any online company. This is why we utilize keyword research for CBD brands.

By relying on various keyword research tools, you can learn the answer to this question. If you’re unable to do so, your company’s survival may be jeopardized. In the end, getting to the top spots in Google is all that matters nowadays. If you cannot penetrate the top 5 places within the search engine, it is as if your website doesn’t exist.

This is where our company comes into play. As a digital marketing agency, we focus on keyword research for CBD and hemp SEO. Without them, even the best-designed sites can fail. By relying on our extensive experience, and top-tier analytics software, we can promote your company in front of the ideal end-users.

Keyword research for CBD: The basics

Great keywords focus on two main things: competition and traffic. 

When we do research, we are actually trying to see how many users are tying a particular term on a daily basis. We are also trying to learn how many other websites are trying to rank for a particular phrase.

It is best to focus on broader ideas and concepts that are explained by shorter phrases (as most people use shorter terms to explain what they’re looking for). It is a straightforward concept if you think about it.

The biggest issue is that all other companies are relying on this method as well. It takes a lot of experience to become keyword research for CBD and CBD SEO expert. Luckily, our experience will put us ahead of the pack.

Our method

Our focal point is to find the right keywords and create leads that will result in a conversion. Even if we have great SEO results, it is all about making sales and turning profit.

  • All the SEO decisions that we make are based on your input. We rely on your industry knowledge and experience as our starting point. It is important for us to understand your brand, your product so that we can provide the best possible SEO service that would make you money
  • We start by performing a website analysis, so we learn what the best way to proceed is
  • By using various keyword research tools, and by analyzing all the possible keyword options, we will create a list of all the phrases that would be appropriate for your brand. When we create a proper plan, we will check the competition and see how we measure up
  • When we figure out the basics, we will try out some of these phrases by performing a short PPC campaign. That way, we can figure how many leads this specific keyword can lead to your site and whether or not it is profitable
  • After we’re finished with this, we can create a top-down list with the keywords that have the best potential
  • Lastly, when we refine this list a bit more (with your assistance), we will start performing the actual work by creating new content that will be good enough for the particular phrases

How can you benefit from proper keyword research?

There is much more to keyword research for CBD companies than merely improving your rankings on Google. Our keyword analysis and tips can be used to bring intrinsic value to your business:

  • Engaging potential clients – If you have the right keyword strategy, you are able to give your audience just the thing they need. By creating articles according to their wishes, we can ensure they continue visiting your website
  • Steady improvement – There is much more to SEO than it meets the eye. Our company will continuously monitor the website’s progress by checking the effectiveness of optimized phrases and site metrics. We will eliminate keywords that don’t work and improve content for those that have potential but didn’t manage to rank. By performing the right analysis, we can ensure that your content remains relevant for years and year
  • Properly utilizing your resources – When we learn more about the ideal keywords, we will be able to drive traffic that converts. Instead of trying to optimize various, irrelevant phrases (which would drain your resources), we will find the phrases that work well for your business
  • Finding hidden gems – Most SEO companies are focusing on so-called long-tail keywords. These are longer phrases that don’t have a lot of searches but are easy to optimize for. We will find these phrases and easily drive the audience to your website.

Why should you give us a chance?

SEO takes time. So, before you start optimizing your website, it is essential to find a reliable partner. Unlike some other search engine optimization businesses, our organization focuses on conversion. If we can’t make you money, we’re not doing our job correctly.

You can contact us at any time via the contact form. Our team is ready to meet all your demands. When you choose us, you get a team of experienced professionals with an excellent track record and intricate knowledge of SEO that most companies don’t have.


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