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How to Market Your Dispensary: 6 Proven Ways in 2020

Today’s article is about how to market your dispensary in 2020.

The global cannabis industry is relatively young, which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Most marijuana entrepreneurs are also young (or at least young at heart), which means they can provide a modern service.

This enthusiasm transfers to every aspect of the business, which is why so many new cannabis strains have been invented in the last few years.

As a result, the marijuana industry is regarded as a profession for “cool kids.”

Unfortunately, the inexperience can have its toll.

Marijuana entrepreneurs are oftentimes lost when it comes to marijuana advertising. They are more into growing, less into marketing.

Even though you might think that it’s all about the product (and you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that), your cannabis strains will not reach the end consumers if you don’t know how to market your dispensary.

The competition within the industry is fierce, and some companies are prepared to spend top dollar in order to differentiate themselves from the pack if you wish to lead a profitable cannabis business, or to at least stay afloat, you will need to implement these important rules.

Here are six amazing tips that will teach you how to market your dispensary.

1) Create a viable long-term strategy

It is very hard to run a business if you have to make adjustments every day.

Yes, we all learn the business as we go, but you cannot change the course of your development on a weekly basis.

You need to have a viable strategy and goals that can be used as guidelines.

There are five good reasons for this:

  • Increasing the efficiency of daily operations
  • Improving communication within the team
  • Spending less time on making alterations
  • Saving money by not making constant, costly changes
  • Improve the results by staying consistent with your goals

Once you set a viable goal, you should try to be as patient as you can.

It is really hard running any business; companies are very fragile during their early stages and most entrepreneurs jump the gun when something’s not right.

It is very important to resist the impulse as you don’t want to stifle the development.

However, that doesn’t mean you should never make any changes. If something is clearly not working out, you should make an appropriate adjustment, but only when you’re certain.

The most important thing you need to do prior to creating a long-term strategy is to hire a good financial and digital marketing team.

Small entrepreneurs often do their own finances. However, it is much better to hire a team of internet experts who can help you with social media and search engine optimization.

2) The focus of the brand

We don’t have to tell you about the importance of the brand.

But unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that every entrepreneur will create a solid image for their marijuana dispensary.

We are currently experiencing a major influx of companies that all have a similar name, rely on green color for visuals, and present themselves as happy-go-lucky.

If you’re sending the same message as everyone else, it will be really hard to differentiate your brand from the pack. When it comes to cannabis businesses, you always have to lead with your mission and vision.

Share your beliefs with your potential customers and show them why they should trust you.

Here are some good examples of the company’s missions:

  • Selling cheap, plant-based medical solutions
  • Creating organic, high-quality recreational marijuana
  • Giving people liberties in terms of what they can consume
  • Stimulating the local economy and agriculture through cannabis, etc.

Try to be different from the others. They need a good incentive to buy your products and stick within you afterward.

Although having good-quality weed will help, you might stumble along the way if your brand is not supporting “the right causes.”

3) Allocating a budget

Allocating a marketing budget is the hardest thing for most marijuana entrepreneurs.

As the experts say, you can never invest enough in promotional activities, and this is especially true when it comes to cannabis.

Traditional marketing channels are usually not available, which is why entrepreneurs focus on making their mark through digital marketing.

How much money do you need to invest in this activity?

There really isn’t a real figure that we can toss out. However, you should consider that you will need at least $2,000 each month.

It is really hard to find a good service that is cheaper than that. Of course, bigger companies are investing more than $10,000 every month, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make an impact on a smaller budget.

In most cases, it is about the person who is performing the optimization, not the budget itself.

Like with any other profession, you can outsource great cannabis marketing experts from abroad, which is why you can still compete with the competition even if you’re a smaller dispensary.

The most important thing about budget allocation is to be consistent. It is best to create year-to-year plans.

Of course, things may change somewhere along the way, but that doesn’t mean you should reduce your marketing budget.

4) Connect with other marijuana entrepreneurs

The cannabis industry was always a close-knit society.

Given that this substance was illegal for the longest time (and is still illegal in certain American states), marijuana influencers have gotten almost a cult-like following through the years. Whether you like them or not, they are your ticket to a larger market.

It is very important to build relationships with these individuals. In fact, you might even consider making contact with some other marijuana companies.

Keep in mind that most cannabis dispensaries operate locally; selling weed in other states is still really hard due to different legislation. So, some of these entrepreneurs might not be your direct competition.

These connections are especially important on the internet.

Marijuana entrepreneurs have very limited options when it comes to promoting their businesses, so one of the good ways to increase your social following, and drive new visits to your site, is if you have an influencer for a friend.

Needless to say, you might also want to consider paying for such a promotion. We are certain that most guys would be willing to give you a hand.

5) SEO as the focal point of your dispensary marketing

Today, most cannabis businesses operate online.

Although there are still numerous limitations ahead, and as already mentioned, it might be hard selling weed in other states and countries, the fact remains that cannabis  SEO is still the best way of promoting a marijuana business.

So, when hiring a digital marketing expert, start by finding someone who can do your search engine optimization. It is the best method of promotion at this point in time.

How can you determine if a marijuana SEO expert is good at his job?

Here are some of the things to look out for:

  • A good cannabis SEO expert will not give you false promises (for example, “I guarantee that your site will have X visits in a month!”). Optimization is really hard, and almost every major marijuana company has its experts. In other words, it is reckless to say that you will easily get ahead all these sites that have been around for a while
  • A marijuana SEO expert should provide you with a thorough explanation of the process and will be with you throughout the campaign. Great experts are always willing to go the extra mile for their clients and explain to them what they’re going to do. Be careful of those people who are withholding information: this can indicate they’re doing something shady, or that they lack expertise
  • The best search engine optimization experts always consider conversion. If your site isn’t getting any sales, there isn’t a point in optimizing it. The whole process is much more than getting an “X number of visitors.” Legit marketers will always pay attention to how your company is doing
  • Good SEO experts always focus on the long-term. If a person shows signs of grab-and-run mentality, make sure to avoid them

Needless to say, our cannabis marketing company has very strong principles and adheres to all these points.

Although we are driven by the numbers, we believe that our job is done only when clients are satisfied, and when they start making money.

Like any other marketing activity, you can invest enough in optimization. It is a hefty investment (if you want to do it the right way), but it is also the best kind of a market.

Once your site is optimized, it will be very hard to topple it. The results usually stay for years and years, which means that you won’t have to invest again in marketing for a while.

6) Social media as the secondary source of visits

The last tip on the list of how to market your dispensary is about SMM. It is still very hard to promote your cannabiz on social media.

Most platforms are very restrictive when it comes to this plant, even if we’re talking about companies that solely focus on medical marijuana.

You usually don’t have the option of paying for ads, and any attempt to sell cannabis directly will get you into trouble. So, what can you do?

Even though it is hard to perform SMM or social media marketing, you still need to create a profile and manage it.

The world will probably change in a few years from now, so it is much better if you have a good social following when it does.

Needless to say, you can still drive a lot of traffic through social media. In fact, it is an activity that can help your SEO efforts.

As long as you have good educational content, you can start developing your online brand.

Last thoughts

It is really hard for weed entrepreneurs to create a valid marketing plan.

We are facing a lot of different restrictions in terms of what we can and what we cannot do.

Nevertheless, if you wish to market your cannabis dispensary the right way, you need to follow these rules.

Cannabis is a plant of the future.

Besides the fact that most countries are becoming lenient towards recreational cannabis, it is hard to find anyone who is against CBD products. This means that it will become easier to promote this magnificent species.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a proficient CBD marketing team, make sure to give us a call. We have extensive experience working with cannabis clients, and we would like to help you out!

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