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Evergreen SEO

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Facilitate an interactive customer experience with conversational articles.

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Orient your website according to the new Google algorithm updates.

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Create authoritative, valuable, and compelling content that builds trust.

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Why is SEO so important
for cannabis business in the USA?


Cannabis pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising is still off-limits


Cannabis Social-media Advertising is still off-limits.

Digital Branding

Social-media accounts can be taken down at any time.

Why Choose Us?

Don’t choose us. Work with us only if you want to be the best cannabis company. Do it only if you want excellent results: boosting your site’s traffic and converting it to sales and loyal customers.

Look. We understand. We know that executing a cannabis SEO strategy yourself is challenging. Besides, don’t you have other business aspects of improving? You do!

Delegate the work to a professional team to handle this task for you. And not just experts, but 10 years of experience, experimenting, and winning with tools that work.

What’s more, there’s no risk for you or any credit card requirements. We also give you a 30-day money-back guarantee if dissatisfied with the results.

What Do You Get for Your Cannabis Business?

Nationwide Traffic

Close your eyes. Picture the profits you would get by capitalizing on national cannabis SEO. You’ll get those results through SEO techniques designed to help you rank first on Google. And our team of SEO experts, content creators, and copywriters will execute the plans with incredible attention to detail for the best outcome.

Enhances Brand Awareness

Local SEO uses popular keywords in your area, leading to more local brand authority and sales. And there’s no more effective marketing than spreading word of mouth. Our advertising agency will help you dominate your region through quality content, and your customers will do the rest of the marketing.

Rank Higher on Google

Premium backlinks increase your site’s ranking on Google’s first page, leading to more traffic. So, creating new links and inspecting the value and authenticity of existing ones is a vital component of SEO, which, when poorly done, can injure your site.

But don’t worry. We are here to save you the hassle and increase the number and quality of your backlinks.

Check your Website’s SEO

Check your Website SEO homepage

Sky-rocket Traffic for Your…

Cannabis Review Blog

You can’t miss this opportunity to start a victorious online weed business. There are many cannabis blogs without a robust online presence, especially with the gradual lifting of the laws against the drug. And CBD SEO can help you take advantage of this situation and be the best in your state.

You’ll get content that guides users on how to use reefer. And leisure smokers, medical practitioners, and patients will recognize, trust, and buy from you.

Weed Online Store

You need this to win: High-quality, valuable, SEO-optimized blogs that help you build authority by adding value to your customers’ lives. The concept is simple. You teach users how your product benefits them, and then you make the soft sell by linking your goods or through affiliate marketing.

And that’s where our SEO marketing agency comes in. We research popular keywords in your niche, then create catchy titles and content around them. Therefore, you’ll appear first when users search for various questions or terms on Google.

Local Cannabis Vendor

Setting up a shop isn’t enough; local SEO helps you maximize traffic on two pages. You’ll increase views by ranking first on the Google search engine and the map section. Boosting this visibility makes your marketing strategy more effective, and customers will access your services effortlessly.

Our team will help you gain access and position to local directories and platforms and thus supplement what you get from your physical stores.

Cannabis Farmers

There’s nothing more frustrating than middlemen taking advantage of hardworking cannabis farmers. Without knowing the best market prices, you end up selling your product cheaper than you should—leading to a loss in scalability. Luckily, e-commerce and CBD SEO can fix that issue.

Wholesale vendors will now find you, and you can sell your weed at the best prices. You also have the chance to sell e-books to educate new farmers or market cannabis indoor incubators to city dwellers. With solid SEO, the opportunities are endless.

Cannabis Accessories Store

Do you want to market weed accessories? Look no further. So whether you’re a solopreneur or an accessory re-seller, you can now have a thriving online business and get paid your worth. Let our SEO agency increase your chances of getting more customers.

We’ll educate your target market on how to use bongs, ashtrays, vaporizers, or e-cigs. You name it, and your customers will sing about it.

Cannabis Couriers

Do you have delivery offers or services for your clients? If you do, it’s best to increase your site’s visibility. Why? Because then you can capitalize on the value you’re providing to business owners. In a word, more customers will value and trust you by seeing that you’re reliable.

Our company can help position you as the leading courier through Cannabis SEO. Get a free quote now!

Get Better Distribution Channels

Do you have a product but don’t know how it will reach your customers? Don’t worry. Our SEO agency will handle that for you. We’ll help your brand connect with well-performing smoke shops that then help you distribute your product through their channels.

Clear Out Your Shelves

The wider your product catalog, the better results you’ll get. How? Customers have different preferences; some use CBD oil, while others smoke the leaf. You want to cater to each prospect’s desires. So, creating valuable content based on each user’s tastes is best.

Top keywords and specific titles do the trick, and our agency can help you research and execute the strategy.

CBD SEO Prices


FREE consultation

Monthly full traffic analysis
Keyword research service (finding up to 25 best keywords for your business)
On-page SEO service (Optimizing up to 10 web pages on your website)
Content writing service (5,000 words of content EVERY MONTH)
Link building service (2 strong back links built EVERY MONTH)
Monthly reports


FREE consultation
Weekly full traffic analysis
Keyword research service (finding up to 50 best keywords for your business)
On-page SEO service (Optimizing up to 20 web pages on your website)
Content writing service (10,000 words of content EVERY MONTH)
Link building service (4 strong backlinks built EVERY MONTH)
Bi-weekly reports (BONUS) Top 3 competitors analyzed and reverse-engineered


FREE consultation
Weekly full traffic analysis
Keyword research service (finding up to 100 best keywords for your business)
On-page SEO service (Optimizing up to 50 web pages on your website)
Content writing service (20,000 words of content EVERY MONTH)
Link building service (8 strong backlinks built EVERY MONTH)
Weekly reports
(BONUS) Top 3 competitors analyzed and reverse-engineered
(BONUS) FULL on-page & off-page SEO audit
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Price of Good SEO?
The price ranges from $1000 to $2500 per month, depending on the intensity of the work. For example, national SEO would naturally be more expensive than local SEO because of the complexity of keywords and the number of backlinks.

Other factors include your current website’s quality, ranking, number of pages, geographical area, and competitors.

How Long is an SEO Audit?
There’s no one-size-fits-all for this question because it depends on your website’s current technical state and the number of pages available. But you would get a thorough analysis in 2-5 business days. All we request of our clients is they be available to answer questions to ease the process.
What's Next After SEO Auditing?
Our team leader will call you, telling you what we have found, areas to improve on, what to keep, the best strategy moving forward, and what to expect. This report will also factor in various aspects, such as comparing your position to the competitors’ and customers’ perspectives for the best results.
Can I Get Free Recommendations?
Yes, you can. You get a free consultation with our team, thus helping you improve on the most vital parts of your website by priority. No commitments. Hand over the risk to us. Fill out the “Get a Free Quote” form above to book your free guidance now!
How Can I Get My Website’s SEO Audit Report?
Call us through our number or e-mail, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we get your message.
Do You Work With A New Site?
Yes, we do. Imagine getting 10 years of experience on your lap. You no longer have to waste time with trial and error, nor do you have to diminish your blog’s potential. We can help you raise your site to the top-ranking cannabis online store in 6-12 months of consistent SEO blogging and link building.

Moreover, you get cannabis content that builds customer relationships, trust, and sells.

Do You Improve Shadowbanned Sites?
Yes. Traffic loss means you failed to comply with Google’s ever-changing search engine algorithm protocols. Or maybe you didn’t optimize for the proper keyword density. Another problem might be creating poor backlinks with duplicate content.

But no worries, we’ll help you fix those issues and salvage your business through tried and tested pro tools and services. Contact us now!