Competition Analysis

Competition Analysis

How are your top rivals so successful? We're experts in reverse-engineering your competitors' weak points and using them to your advantage.

What is a competitive analysis?

Any web company can easily profile their competition by relying on various software and data which they provide. Without the competitors’ data, getting to the top spots in Google would be virtually impossible.

A lot of brick-and-mortar companies without online presence believe they just need to create a website, and their business will flourish on its own without additional investment. As if having a site will allow them to quickly gain new leads without having to put any time or money into it. What these entrepreneurs don’t understand is that there is already an established packing order online. Their competitors have properly optimized their websites, putting them ahead of everyone else. 

If you wish to get a lot of leads through your website, you will have to invest in SEO. And while this might sound strange, the best way to get there is by analyzing your competitors and what they’re doing right. By utilizing various SEO tools, you can quickly learn about their weaknesses and strengths, thus creating an optimal SEO strategy.

But, most entrepreneurs cannot invest that much time to learn about search engines and web competition. This is why you should give us a call. We are masters at analyzing SEO competition and revealing their weaknesses. By performing this task, we can create a proper basis to optimize your site.

Find the number of competitors

If you want to get a lot of new leads, you will have to focus on finding the right keywords. For example, if you're into cannabis, you should go for phrases such as “Cheap CBD products." By typing this phrase in the Google search engine, you can see how many competitors you have for that particular keyword.

Although it is a quick and easy thing to do, checking the overall number of competitive pages is the best way to start the process. In fact, you shouldn’t start optimizing for a particular phrase until you check this stat. The general rule for smaller companies is not to pursue keywords that have more than 500 results in Google. Otherwise, you will simply not be able to cope with the overwhelming rivals.

Our company can help you find lucrative phrases that you can reliably optimize for instead of going for broad keywords with 100,000 results and more. It is a small difference, but it is something that sets apart amateurs from professionals.

Domain and page authority

Page authority shows you how well a particular page is optimized. Domain authority is a similar score that is used for the whole website. It represents the general visibility and rankings of a site within Google. When used together, domain authority and page authority can provide a better picture of your site’s SEO.

By utilizing numerous SEO tools, we can find the top 10 results for a particular keyword, and then we can measure PA and DA for each one of them. Generally speaking, it is best if both of these scores are below 20. Otherwise, it will be very hard to optimize a particular phrase. They are great scores to measure competitors' power. 

Our company has extensive knowledge of SEO tools, and we are able to find the right strategy that will improve your domain authority.

    How long has a competitor existed?

    With certain tools, we can discover how long your competitor has been in business. The age of a domain is very important for search engines, as it allows older websites to have better results compared to younger domains. These tools are especially important in newer niches, where there aren't many established websites. If a niche is relatively new, you will stand a better chance of beating your competition.

      Relevance of keywords

      Some businesses prefer going for extra competitive phrases that no one is looking for. It's bad focusing on these keywords as they are probably not important for your industry. Just by looking at the search volumes, you will learn what your clients are looking for. If none of your opponents is going for a particular phrase, there is a good reason for it. This is likely because the potential customers are not interested in it.

      Some phrases are easy to optimize. And while this might seem alluring to certain businesses that want to get as much traffic as possible, you have to ask yourself: will this phrase help me earn more money?

      Keyword density

      It is very important to analyze the keyword density of pages that rank higher than yours. By doing so, you can figure out which particular phrases are the reason for their success. That way, you will get important knowledge regarding SEO keyword placement. Like with everything else, we use specific SEO tools to perform analysis.

      Make sure to find the top 10 ranking sites and learn about their keyword density. By checking the most repetitive keywords, you will get a better understanding of how to attract new leads.

      Importance of website design

      You also need to check rivals' website design and solutions. Nice-looking sites that are intuitive and easy to browse, usually perform much better in terms of sales. However, that doesn't mean you should neglect SEO, as even well-designed sites may struggle in the Google search engine.

      The importance of links

      Having a lot of quality links will have a major effect on the page's SERP positioning. By using link tools, you are able to perform a great backlink analysis of competitors' pages. Usually, sites that are ranking well in Google have a lot of links pointing to their website.

      Search engine optimization teaches us to be careful when it comes to Google. Even if your business is based on a good concept, that doesn’t mean that you can rank without help. This is where our company comes into play. With our experience, we can make sure that you get at the top of SERPs and that you stay there!


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