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Nowadays, an online presence is a must for any brand, and companies in the cannabis sector are no exception. If you are working in the CBD industry and want to expand your business nationwide, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the services of an SEO company.

MjSeo, a professional CBD SEO agency, will develop an effective SEO approach for your company. It will bring you recognition in the niche and, as a result, extra profits. Our specialists’ strategy for SEO for CBD websites will include all the necessary work for Google search optimization.

As part of our SEO for CBD business strategy, we will analyze your competitors and the keywords by which they promote their sites. We will also build the bulk of qualitative backlinks that will improve your rankings in the search results. Entrust the promotion of your CBD products to professionals from SEO for CBD companies!

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Competent SEO

MjSeo team applies its experience in local and international markets to create exceptional SEO strategies for canna-businesses.

Outstanding Results

We introduce global and local keywords to boost organic traffic and increase sales. SEO tools allow us to achieve outstanding results.

Skillful Team

MjSeo hires top SEO professionals to promote your CBD website. Over 150 skillful pros are ready to grow your business.

Proven Methods

Our employees use and develop only proven methods and tools to analyze website traffic and key metrics.

Responsible Approach

MjSeo applies a data-driven approach to SEO; you will notice results within the determined deadlines.

Quick Support

Our employees work in different time zones and speak multiple languages. We are always in touch with your eCommerce business.

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Our SEO Process

Niche and Keyword Research

Before we start, we will conduct a detailed analysis of competitors and find the necessary keywords. On this basis, we will draw up further SEO strategy.

Our SEO specialists will dive deep into your current performance metrics, business goals, and optimization needs. Based on that, we will make a semantic core for your site and cluster all the CBD keywords as per the IA of your website.

Planning and Strategy

Once we collect research info, our CBD SEO company will build a roadmap for your project. The strategy that we will develop for you will be specifically tailored to your strategic needs. It will include a link-building campaign, content marketing strategy, and tech SEO recommendations — all aimed at website promotion.

Strategy Implementation

Once we approve an SEO plan with you, we will get started with on-page and off-site SEO. Our SEO specialists will optimize key pages of your website and ensure top-level interlinking of your resource. At the same time, we will take care of the link mass of your website and make sure that key search engines rank it highly.


We focus on achieving results, not just performing standard tasks. We strive to achieve the goals for your business needs. You will receive a detailed report with key performance metrics being covered. Thus, you will be able to clearly see website performance changes in the form of website traffic, CTR, bounce rates, and revenues.
Top SEO Agency for CBD Industry

MjSEO offers a comprehensive SEO package for CBD companies. Following an in-depth analysis of your business, we will suggest the best marketing techniques to boost rankings with measurable results. The core elements of cannabis SEO are:

SEO audit

We will analyze your website, including internal links, to determine how well it follows the best practices. Our specialists in CBD store SEO will make an up-to-date semantic core that reflects the search queries of your target audience. It will include high-/mid-frequency keywords, as well as branded and non-branded queries. In other words, we will address all key user search scenarios.

CBD keyword research

Quick-win keywords will drive targeted traffic and conversions. As your rankings rise, more potential customers will notice and visit your CBD website. So, you can count on increases in site visitors, leads, and revenue rates. By making relevant keywords a part of the content core of your site, we will ensure a great user experience.

Link Building

Our CBD SEO company will help you build a high-quality backlink profile. Do-follow links from websites with high authority will boost trust and attract more prospective leads. In the eyes of key search engines, your website will be highly reputable since trusted online resources will link to it. So the more links we get for you, the better the site performance results you can expect.

Local SEO

Get noticed by more potential customers in your area! MjSEO will boost your local digital marketing and conversions through location-specific CBD local SEO services. Just like professional CBD SEO companies, we give special attention to local SEO and make sure that it is reflected in the strategy that we develop for you.

How can CBD SEO boost your business?
A lot of websites lack basic search engine optimization. If you are just starting your CBD business or already have a website but have not done SEO before, you should work with a proven CBD SEO agency. After implementing basic technical and on-page recommendations, you will see that SEO works. The online visibility of your website will skyrocket.

If you have had a negative experience in SEO or other SEO firms cannot increase your traffic, you just need a working CBD SEO strategy. Contact us as we use a data-driven approach based on a deep analysis of competitors. Our CBD SEO company only focuses on the cannabis and CBD niche, so our expertise and knowledge are top-notch.

We will create an optimal SEO strategy that will help you scale your business, increase lead generation, boost organic traffic, and improve website usability.

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What traffic works well with CBD?
One of the main advantages of SEO is that it helps boost and diversify the traffic to your site. If previously you were getting people from search engines only, with SEO service for CBD, you will get traffic from a wider variety of channels.

Of course, a big part of your target audience will still come from search engines; however, this traffic will become more targeted (you will get people looking for the exact products/services you offer). In addition, you can count on referral traffic from sites and platforms containing backlinks to your web pages. Link building is one of the foundations of successful SEO.

How does CBD SEO work?
There are a couple of things that make CBD SEO special. This type of digital promotion covers different approaches. It all starts with optimizing a website based on your business niche and your customers’ needs. As a result, you get more traffic. At the same time, SEO improves the user’s experience on your site. People can easily find what they are looking for and turn into customers/hot leads. Thus, your revenue increases.

More importantly, SEO helps to build brand awareness and ensure brand development, which significantly expands your customer base. So, the people you were not previously targeting become your customers and recommend your products to their friends. Such a multifaceted approach makes CBD SEO an important tool for building a successful company.

Can You Do Paid Ads for CBD?
Promoting a new website through PPC ads is a no-brainer, but this method does not work in the cannabis industry. Google regards marijuana and any related products and services as “dangerous,” as it abides by federal law. Any terms related to cannabis are forbidden. Advertising on social media is not allowed, either. Until cannabis is finally legalized on the federal level, these restrictions will not go away.

Although CBD businesses have no access to Google Ads, this is not a problem. CBD search engine optimization becomes their primary focus, as it allows them to attract new eyes organically. An SEO team will help you rise to the top of relevant search results, so customers looking for CBD products will see your brand. Most consumers discover products and services by Googling them, so you do not need ads to drive sales!

What minimum budget is recommended to start an SEO promotion?
The budget for CBD website SEO will depend on several factors. First of all, are your ambitions and goals. If you are looking for SEO services for CBD oil or other products and want to grow your business threefold, you need to understand that it will take a lot of time and effort.

Next, consider whether it is a local or national company. CBD is a highly competitive niche, and the top sites in organic search have fairly strong link profiles. Therefore, the minimum budget with which we suggest starting an SEO promotion is $3,000 ($1,500 for SEO work + $1,500 for link building).

To get a customized offer for your business, leave a request on our website. Our team will send you a free proposal to grow your business!