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CBD MLM: What Do You Need to Know?

Have you heard of the term CBD MLM? This article will be all about multilevel marketing in the CBD industry, so make sure to stick with us.

As we all know, CBD products and companies are experiencing a worldwide expansion. As more and more countries legalize the substance, we will definitely see an increased demand for medical cannabis.

Furthermore, medical marijuana represents the highest rising supplement in 2020. As if that wasn’t enough, CBD oil is now seen as the most popular item on the herbal market.

Like everyone else, MLM companies (multi-level marketing) are trying to profit from this trend. The number of MLM companies that are taking part in the cannabis industry is increasing on a daily basis, and it makes sense to partake in this craze.

This CBD trend is especially noticeable in the US. In 2018, the US passed a new Hemp Farm Bill that completely legalizes the production of hemp and CBD products. As long as your items have less than 0.3% THC, there is nothing to worry about.

Nowadays, you can plant, harvest, distribute, sell, and purchase medical marijuana in almost all the US. This is a major step forward, not only for cannabis companies but also for patients who now have a solution to some of the most severe medical conditions.

Unfortunately, given the bad reputation of CBD and MLM, a lot of experts are skeptical regarding the long-term sustainability of this particular business.

Due to this, we now have a surge of subpar cannabis products and companies who just want to cash in on this trend, even if it means leaving customers high and dry.

Is CBD MLM sustainable?

If you have considered CBD MLM, your first question is whether or not this niche has a future.

This makes sense. Given that cannabis products were so notorious until recently, the majority of entrepreneurs are still skeptical about it.

If you add potential risks to the MLM model, you clearly see why some people would have an aversion.

Most of CBD MLM companies have started their operations in the last year or two. This coincides with the US Farm Bill.

Unfortunately, a lot of the websites seem fairly unprofessional. Some companies don’t have social media, and a lot of those who have it are not particularly active.

There are also other indications that would point out a low quality of service provided. Of course, this isn’t something that goes for all companies.

No matter what, if you’re willing to try your hand at CBD MLM, it is very important to perform thorough research before you do so.

A lot of companies are implementing a cash-and-grab model, where they’re trying to get as much money as possible in a short period of time without actually providing a quality product to consumers.

In order to help you out find the right companies, we have created a short list of the best CBD MLM providers in 2020. Check it out!

1) Kannaway

Kannaway CBD company has a great system. It allows people to make money while also using their CBD products.

So, if you’re a medical cannabis user, you will probably be glad to cooperate with them. They have various cool items such as CBD oils, tinctures, salves, and capsules.

Kannaway also has a great selection of CBD edibles. But, there is much more to this company that medical marijuana. They also have essential oils and skin care items.

They utilize various herbs besides cannabis, making sure that the customers have the best mixture of nutrients for their bodies.

If you’re just into CBD, Kannaway has two main CBD oils to choose from: The Premium Hemp Oil Capsule and Pure CBD Capsules.

Both of them are around $100, but when bought on wholesale, you can get them for a significantly lower price. All cannabis products made by this company are created through CO2 extraction.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also perform regular lab testing to ensure that all their items are top-notch. Unfortunately, according to users, the biggest issue with Kannaway CBD products is their price.

They are much more expensive than their competitors, which drives away a lot of potential customers. Kannaways’ compensation plan can also be a bit too complex. It revolves around building a sales team.


CTFO CBD has a good approach for reeling in new members. They simply provide a free membership, which is alluring for a lot of medical cannabis enthusiasts.

Given that the company is reputable enough, this alone may force your hand into joining them. CTFO CBD’s oil is very affordable, similar to their other marijuana products.

They have items such as sprays, vapes, edibles, and many more. The company categorizes products based on their utility; you can buy skin substances, CBD items for pain, for hair, etc.

However, they don’t have anything unique. Most of their items are similar to medical cannabis items that you can find on other websites.

What sets them apart is their amazing CBD oil sprays. They incorporate some other ingredients besides cannabidiol, which gives them increased potency.

For example, they are relying on things such as green tea, coffee, coconut oil, and so on. According to the company, the hemp used for their products is much purer than that used by their competition.

In order to prove this claim, CTFO CBD has performed various lab testing. Unfortunately for them, it turns out that their products are not as pure as they claim.

So, that is one thing you need to be careful about. Nevertheless, the company claims that all their items are of a high-quality, and based on the user experience; it seems that this claim holds true. CTFO CBD performs regular lab testing and reveals all the results on their site.

3) My Daily Choice

My Daily Choice gets all its products from HempWorx so, if you’re a fan of HempWorx, you will probably be satisfied with what My Daily Choice has to offer.

They have two categories of items for their clients. The first category is represented by their signature CBD oil. The other category involves sprays.

So, why the categorization? It is because both of these items have completely different ingredients.

As such, they provide a different set of potential benefits to their users. Sprays are categorized into 6 smaller groups with products such as Sleep, Brain, Peak, Shield, Boost, and Trim 365.

Based on their names, you can quickly realize that each one of them has a different use. In fact, they work similarly to other supplements that you can find on the open market.

But, keep in mind that My Daily Choice sprays are much more effective than the drugstore supplements because of their mode of administration.

Instead of being swallowed, they are sprayed into your nostrils, which quickens and improves the absorption. Still, that doesn’t mean they will provide a better effect.

The company has a simple model for earning. If you’re a member, you can earn a commission of 25%. If you get to a higher rank, this commission can go all the way up to 50%, which will be a good motivation for some people to give My Daily Choice a chance.

The company uses a product volume model for commissions. Unfortunately, they also rely on team commissions. If a team manages to meet its objective, they can get a share of sales, which goes from 8 to 20 %.

4) Young Living Nature’s Ultra CBD

This company was created when Young Living Oils purchased Nature’s Ultra in July 2019.

Given that Young Living Oils is one of the biggest oil suppliers in the world, the new-founded company now has control over 1,500 acres of hemp.

All of these farms are located in Colorado, which makes it easier for the organization, given that this state is at the forefront of the marijuana business in the US.

But, this purchase didn’t change the way the company does its work. They still have various CBD items that are sold and distributed according to the law.

You will glad to hear that the company’s products are all organic. In fact, they’ve become the first hemp farm in the US to have an organic handler’s certification, which was acquired from the USDA.

Nature’s Ultra has a hands-on approach, and they are very diligent regarding hemp’s growth from the earliest stages. They also like to keep in touch with their clients, which is why they’re getting a lot of positive publicity.

Like all other companies on the list, Young Living performs lab tests ensuring their items are completely THC-free. They also have a Concierge FAQ section on their site that helps inexperienced users.

But, they also have a section for advanced users where you can find a lot of relevant cannabis videos and news.


If you’re interested in CBD MLM, you should definitely give one of these companies a chance.

While they are not ideal, and they present certain false claims, most of their partners are satisfied with the relationship.

Of course, if you want to learn more about cannabis in general, or if you’re interested in CBD SEO, you should definitely check our site for additional information!

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