CBD Marketing: All You Need to Know

Nikolay Stoyanov

January 4, 2022

Promoting hemp and cannabis products can be pretty tricky. CBD marketing is developing slowly, and there are still a lot of restrictions for companies. In addition, while the public opinion of medicinal hemp is gradually shifting, there are a lot of concerns regarding marijuana.

This is also reflected in the popularity of products. Previously, when you mentioned cannabis, most people would think of the psychedelic compound THC.

Nowadays, our first association is the wellness substance CBD. According to the projections, the US CBD market will reach $16 billion by 2026.

Moreover, almost every state has legalized the substance, which cannot be said for recreational marijuana.

You should read this CBD marketing guide if you’re a hemp enthusiast. It will uncover some of the main secrets of this plant and how to promote it the right way.

Let’s dive right in!

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is the most common cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Therefore, it won’t cause any psychedelic episodes.

Instead, it is meant to provide a wide variety of wellness benefits. Although this chemical compound can also be extracted from cannabis, most companies will go with hemp because of its high concentration.

There are a lot of questions surrounding CBD, which is why most governments are taking a slow approach in introducing the substance to their respective markets.

CBD’s legality over time

Cannabinoids, such as CBD, were discovered in 1940. Although this seems like a lot of time, it took a while for scientists to start uncovering their secrets.

One of the major concerns, especially regarding cannabis, was the potential psychedelic effects that this plant may cause.

Furthermore, we knew very little about CBD’s beneficial properties, which is why we didn’t have any incentive to explore hemp or cannabis as potential wellness substances.

Because of these reasons, it took a while for countries to start legalizing the substance. Here are some of the main things you need to consider regarding hemp’s and marijuana’s legal status.

1. The legalization of hemp started recently

If you think about it, hemp and marijuana were illegal in most American states until a few years ago.

Although there are still some issues regarding marijuana, given its high THC content, CBD is regarded as a much more acceptable substance.

At this moment, hemp is legal in almost all states across the country.

2. 2018 Farm Bill was a major change

2018 Farm Bill brought about numerous improvements for hemp producers. According to this act, the substance was removed from the list of controlled substances.

Although the US FDA still controls the plant, you can now sell it freely by following a few basic rules. Keep in mind that certain hemp-derived products are regarded as illegal, but this usually isn’t the case for CBD oil and most other cannabidiol substances.

3. Hemp’s current legal status in the US

As already mentioned, medicinal hemp is primarily legal in the US. However, there are some discrepancies between state and federal laws.

This is why it is much better to get acquainted with everything before using the substance.

Importance of CBD marketing

The CBD market in the US is expanding at a rapid pace. But, unfortunately, there are more and more companies with each passing month making it harder to get a piece of that enormous pie.

Although there is a limited number of CBD marketing channels available, there are still ways to promote a brand.

Here are some of the main ways CBD marketing can help you:

1. For acquiring new clients

Needless to say, the main reason why we do CBD marketing in the first place is to reach a larger audience.

People have shown an increased curiosity for cannabidiol products; about 40% of people in the US are thinking about using the substance. So, the current consumption figures might rise exponentially in the following period.

2. Standing out from the crowd

You also need proper CBD marketing to differentiate your brand. Many hemp companies are using similar messages, logos, graphic design, but if you approach this issue from the proper perspective, you can make significant waves.

Branding can also help you create a niche for yourself, which is especially important given that the market is still very young.

3. Keeping the existing clients

Perhaps the most critical aspect of CBD marketing (although often overlooked) is the ability to retain existing customers. Getting a new client is always more expensive than keeping the old one.

This is why there should be a lot of emphasis on raising brand awareness and stimulating processes that would increase brand loyalty.

Things to avoid when using CBD marketing

Due to the sensitivity of the product and close regulation, there are certain things that your CBD advertising team should avoid saying or doing.

Otherwise, your company can get in all sorts of trouble. FDA is monitoring the hemp companies and has no difficulty penalizing the wrong-doers!

1. Avoid medical claims

At this point, there is only one hemp-based substance on the market, and that is Epidiolex. Unfortunately, CBD products are not allowed for medical use; the best you can do is use them as a wellness compound.

Avoid any medical claims, especially when it comes to debilitating conditions such as cancer, chronic pain, Parkinson’s, arthritis, etc.

2. Back-up your claims

Furthermore, when making any statement, we suggest that you back it up with a reputable source. Don’t just say things in order to sell products; make sure they’re valid!

Keep in mind that a company is liable for everything that is posted online, including responses within the comment sections, on forums, on other websites, on social media, etc.

3. Check out FDA’s website

Lastly, make sure to check FDA’s website. They have clear guidelines regarding medicinal hemp substances, and as long as you follow them, you shouldn’t encounter any issues along the way.

Remember that CBD can be used as a stand-alone substance, but you cannot put it in food, supplements, or pet food.

CBD marketing restrictions in 2021

If you’re a CBD advertiser, you probably won’t be happy about the limited CBD marketing options at your disposal. However, perhaps the main reason why CBD is looked upon is its connection to cannabis.

Although they have very different traits, both plants stem from the same family. Regardless, you cannot advertise your medicinal hemp substances either on Google or Facebook.

Here are some of the main issues with the most prominent platforms as of right now:

1. Facebook Ads

First off, you cannot advertise anything related to cannabis on Facebook.

However, you can do this if you’re using hemp. Nevertheless, make sure to abide by the platform’s rules.

2. Google Ads

At this moment, you cannot post anything CBD-related (whether the substance is extracted from hemp or cannabis).

Furthermore, you might get penalties on your upcoming projects if you do so. But, all of this might change in the near future.

3. Twitter Ads

You also cannot postpaid CBD ads on Twitter. However, there is a chance you can still promote your medicinal hemp through this platform.

All your posts must be highly informative and well-researched if you were to do this. So, while you might not put a direct link to your sales page, there is a chance to promote the website via content.

4. Instagram Ads

In many ways, Instagram is very similar to Twitter. You need to shy away from any CBD-related content.

Otherwise, there is a chance your whole profile will be deleted. The only silver lining is that the moderators are not as vigilant, so you might slip with several posts until you’re caught.

Nevertheless, it is not a sustainable long-term solution.

Best strategies for CBD marketing

Given the limited viability of social media and pay-per-click, it quickly becomes evident that CBD marketing experts have to find alternative solutions to promote their brands.

Luckily, although we have a limited number of options at our disposal, you can still create unique CBD marketing strategies that will yield the same results as if you were to invest money in social media and PPC.

Here are our tips that will help you market a CBD company!

1. Start everything with CBD SEO

Within the online CBD marketing world, search engine optimization is regarded as one of the best promotional methods. By performing this strategy, you can get a lot of organic traffic.

What’s even better, this is a long-term approach that will yield results for years to come. Basically, the sooner you start with it, the better.

Remember that the efficiency of SEO is closely connected to the proficiency of the expert implementing this strategy. This is why you need to hire a high-quality CBD advertising agency!

2. CBD content is the focal point

No matter where you’re advertising, content needs to be the focal point of your strategy.

Whether we’re talking about articles, descriptions, videos, images, or other types of content, you need stuff that will attract people to your pages.

You need to be different and create an emotional response in readers, prompting them to buy your CBD products.

3. Visit CBD trade shows

You can showcase your company to numerous potential clients by visiting multiple trade shows.

Keep in mind that many CBD companies are working with each other through the white label and private label projects.

So, not only will you be able to reach more people, but you also might establish some long-lasting partnerships.

4. CBD affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing was always a popular method for supplements and wellness products. Many hemp companies are also into it, so you might consider adding this strategy to your arsenal.

The great thing about affiliate advertising is that you don’t have to invest in CBD marketing from the get-go. Instead, you can pay money only when a person sells the products.

This can be great if you want to start generating revenues as soon as possible without exposing yourself to additional financial risks.

5. CBD Influencer marketing

CBD influencer marketing has numerous similarities to affiliate marketing. For example, you don’t have to invest money initially, but you can pay influencers once they make sales.

Some companies pay influencer marketing in advance, but they require more in return. Influencer marketing is especially great if you’re trying to reach a specific target audience.

6. Email marketing

As one of the oldest online marketing techniques, you cannot underestimate the power of email marketing. Whether it’s cold pitching or sending emails to your subscribers, there are a lot of different goals that you can accomplish with this method.

Prepare yourself for the future.

The CBD market is still a very volatile field.

The legal changes are regularly occurring, and we expect a lot of changes to CBD marketing soon. Whatever happens, you need to be ready for it.

In order to be successful, here are a few things you need to keep an eye for:

1. Changes to legislation

Based on the current trend, we can expect that CBD products will become more and more common in the US. But, of course, the same goes for recreational marijuana.

There is a good chance that both product categories will become completely legal in the upcoming years. Nevertheless, you will have to pay attention to everything that’s happening so that you can stay on your guard.

2. Changes to CBD advertising

The same goes for CBD marketing. Although there are some indications that Google, Facebook, and other platforms will allow paid CBD ads, that doesn’t mean it will come soon.

In fact, we might have to wait for years until we see any changes. Once these changes occur, the companies that take advantage of the moment will maximize their profits.

3. Find an excellent news website

In order to stay on top of everything, you will need to follow a reputable CBD news site.

So, make sure to visit CBD Advertising Agency from time to time!

How to perform SEO CBD marketing?

As already mentioned, SEO is the best way to market your medicinal hemp company.

The CBD Advertising Agency is well versed in the following methods, and we can definitely help you as well!

Here are some of the main things we can do for you as a part of search engine optimization:

1. CBD keyword research

When doing SEO, you need to focus on phrases that are easy to optimize but have high search traffic. This is where keyword research comes into play.

We can find the best phrases that will bring you maximum results with minimal time wasted with our extensive knowledge.

2. CBD content marketing

In order to rank for all these phrases, you will need content. Our agency is excellent at creating written articles that can rank in Google.

We create highly-actionable pieces that Google and other search engines will simply love! Needless to say, good CBD content marketing will present your brand in the best light and will help you increase sales and conversion.

3. Link building for CBD companies

Link building is one of the essential SEO services. This process allows you to get links from various reputable sources, frequently from the same industry.

With these links, you increase the odds of ranking in Google. In addition, they have a long-term impact on your pages and websites, and every new link will improve your optimization both in the short and long run.

4. Analytics

In order to round everything up, the SEO expert will have to perform extensive and constant analytics. Then, by analyzing the past and present results, you can learn a lot about the website and various trends.

This data can be utilized to tweak things making everything go smoother. Furthermore, analytics can be performed to spy on your competition and learn things that would help rank your website as well.

5. SEO website audit

Every website has its issues. Often, CBD owners are not even aware of these problems. This is where we come into play.

By performing an SEO audit, we can detect these problems and address them adequately.

The SEO audit is essential for websites that have been under a negative attack or have been impacted in some other way by outside interference.


CBD marketing is still in the process of regulation.

You have minimal options when it comes to advertising. As already mentioned, it is best to go with SEO.

In that sense, CBD Advertising Agency can do wonders for your business.

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