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Nikolay Stoyanov

December 31, 2021

Having an experienced CBD content writer in your team is crucial to your CBD SEO success. In this article, we’re going to teach you why.

Whether you’re selling CBD or THC products, you need a lot of web exposure to reach your potential clients. But, unfortunately, there are still a lot of limitations in terms of adverting hemp and marijuana products.

Popular social media prevents mentioning of these substances, and medical claims can easily get you in trouble with the FDA. This is why SEO blog writing for dispensaries is so essential for cannabis websites.

Good cannabis writing can avoid making medical claims or getting your website in any trouble. Furthermore, they can increase your traffic to Google, bringing in highly qualified leads to your website.

This article will consider some of the main reasons why having a good CBD content writer can lead to increased traffic and sales. Check it out!

Benefits of SEO blog writing for dispensaries

If you wish to have a successful website, you need a perfect cannabis content writer who understands the industry and Google algorithm.

Here are 5 of the main reasons why you should hire a cannabis blog writer for your CBD website:

Professional cannabis writer can target the right phrases

People who have little experience with search engine optimization don’t understand that writing random cannabis and CBD articles will get you nowhere.

Although cannabis blog writers love to say “content is king,” there is no point in creating content if no one sees it.

Before you can write the first piece for your blog, you need to decide which phrases are worth pursuing. If you can’t rank on page one of Google for a particular keyword, there is no point in writing on that specific topic.

When deciding which phrase to use, a cannabis SEO CBD writer will examine various phrases trying to find those that have high volume and low difficulty. That way, they can create blog posts that could attract many visitors without a lot of effort.

By just doing this first initial step, you can improve the efficiency of the whole blog tenfold.

Cannabis content writers for dispensaries can find the right audience

Unfortunately, getting random traffic will not get you anywhere. If your cannabis blog writer cannot reach the right audience, you won’t be able to sell hemp and marijuana products no matter how hard you try.

This step can be tricky, even for cannabis owners. You might think that a particular phrase is great for your company only to discover that it won’t provide qualified leads. Even if a keyword has “cannabis” or “hemp” inside of it, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this kind of traffic will lead to sales.

Simply put, people are browsing Google for all sorts of things. Sometimes, it is hard to determine why they’re typing a particular phrase. However, an experienced CBD SEO content writer knows what’s in people’s heads and why they ask a specific question.

That way, the cannabis writers can key on phrases that have high volume, low difficulty and are also likely to sell products.

Experienced cannabis writers can provide the right answers

Due to the nature of the products, many people are still reluctant to use medical hemp. They might be scared about getting high or experience some other troublesome effects. Furthermore, the lack of regulation and monitoring makes it harder for companies to gain the trust of new customers.

Instilling confidence in consumers is the key feature of efficient content writing for cannabis. This is especially important within the cannabis niche, where there is a lot of mistrust. An experienced cannabis SEO content writer can help you bridge this problem.

Whether we’re talking about the FAQ section or any other content on your website, an experienced CBD writer can provide answers that will put the potential customer at ease.

If a cannabis blog writer has already worked within this industry for a while, they probably know everything about THC, CBD, cannabinoids, products’ side effects, and benefits.

All of this will help when creating content and will have a positive impact on overall website conversion.

Good marijuana content writers can avoid making medical claims

One of the major issues with the cannabis industry is medical claims. Whether we’re talking about the US FDA or regulatory bodies in other countries, there is a concentrated effort to address this issue.

While we still don’t have a proper legal frame to tackle, it is only a matter of time until the FDA starts penalizing the hemp and marijuana websites that make these claims.

Having the right cannabis blog writers can also help with this issue.

A CBD content writer who has worked within the industry for a while knows how to create blog posts without talking about diseases or implying that hemp can treat these ailments.

Instead, they stick with general expressions that won’t get your site into trouble.

CBD content writer can help build your brand

Brand awareness is something that is often overlooked within the cannabis industry. However, it is also something you should pay close attention to.

Ideally, you should implement some branding rules before creating the first blog post. But, first, you need to find the right voice that will be used throughout the website for every tiny piece of content. With SEO blog writing for dispensaries, you can do just that.

Most cannabis owners prefer using a relaxed, approachable tone of voice. Whether we’re talking about consumers, or company owners, everyone within this industry is relaxed and willing to help each other. But, there are some nuances in how you wish to present the information to the end-user.

Cannabis content writers who have experience with SEO, CBD marketing, and branding within the cannabis industry will easily help you achieve all these goals and much more.

How to find the right CBD content writers for your cannabis website?

There are numerous things you need to consider when looking for cannabis blog writers:

Do you need a cannabis writer or a cannabis firm?

In most cases, marketing companies are the ones handling cannabis content writing. However, you are also able to hire a freelancer.

So, what is the difference between the two?

If you are looking just for cannabis content writing services, you might be better off with an individual CBD blog writer. However, by hiring a marketing agency, a cannabis company can get all its online services in one place.

Consider CBD writer’s availability

Perhaps the biggest problem with individual cannabis writers is that, if they’re good, they will often be booked.

If you manage to hire them, this might cause concern because it might indicate that they’re actually outsourcing their work to someone else.

When you hire a marketing agency, you can rest assured they have their own team of CBD content writers available around the clock.

This means that the work will be done quickly and that a few editors will go through the content, making sure it’s perfect.

What is a cannabis content writer’s specialization?

You should always go with companies and writers that specialize in the topic.

Even if we’re talking about hemp vs. marijuana, you should prioritize cannabis content writers that have an intimate knowledge of your particular product.

Keep in mind that some of the cannabis content writers are growers themselves. These individuals should have an extra edge over the competition.


Although content writing for cannabis businesses seems like a simple task, it has a lot of layers. Our advice is to hire a cannabis writer who writes your content has to be proficient with products, branding, medical claims, and many other aspects of this business.

Without a proper voice, your website will be nothing more than a collection of blank pages. This is something you cannot allow.

Cannabis writing is crucial for every cannabis website that wants to increase visits from Google, conversion and provide relevant, correct information to their readers. That’s why you should never compromise with the cannabis content writing services that you order.

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