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CBD Business Consulting: Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Consulting

Every company needs a business advisor, and it is no different for the cannabis industry.

If you’re serious about your marijuana enterprise, you will hire a CBD business consultant.

So, how can CBD business consulting help you?

Most people contact a consultant when things go sideways. However, it is much better to be proactive when hiring a CBD consulting expert.

A CBD business consultant can analyze your business data, find potential weaknesses, and optimize your processes, whether we’re talking about manufacturing, distribution, marketing, etc. In certain cases, CBD business consulting can even save a faltering business.

Here is everything you need to know about this job and how this person can help your marijuana company. Check it out!

Definition of a business consultant

CBD business consultant is a cannabis expert who can provide professional advice to a company. Although you might think that an expert needs a business degree to provide a service, this isn’t actually true.

Most of these guys worked as managers in certain industries. So, while they are not financial experts per se, they understand how this specific type of company works. For example, a top-tier car engineer can do wonders for a car company.

Of course, you cannot be just a regular engineer to fill this role. You need to have a certain experience in a managerial position. This would give you the necessary experience to tackle any issue.

We can differentiate two types of CBD business consultants:

  • Internal (working as a part of the company; permanently employed)
  • External (an outsider company; employed for a project or a set period of time)

A lot of companies decide to employ a CBD business consultant on a permanent basis. These individuals can provide great advice oftentimes overshadowing that of the upper management.

What can a CBD business consultant help me with?

The basic premise is that the CBD business consultant has enough experience to help you with every aspect of company management.

No matter how developed your brand is, an expert can give you a tip that will improve the efficiency of your organization.

Here are some of the things that CBD business consulting can do:

  • Create an actionable plan for a new company
  • Assist with market research
  • Help improve distribution
  • Help with various aspects of cannabis manufacturing
  • Funnel resources in the right activities
  • Employ a valid marketing strategy
  • Working with customer
  • Improving communication within the teams
  • Help attract the best CBD professionals, etc.

The list goes on and on.

Keep in mind that there isn’t a clearly defined role of a CBD business consultant. Their main focus is on “providing consultation.”

Some of them may be lacking in certain areas, but it is expected they’re experts in other important fields. While they might not have a business degree, most top-tier specialists in CBD are highly educated individuals.

Basically, most experts will help you out in any way they can. Whether a person is an outsider or employed within your organization, they will share their expertise and make sure that your project is a successful one.

Main issues that CBD businesses are facing

If you’re just considering starting a CBD business, or if you’re a young company, you are probably not aware of all the potential issues that might occur.

Given the nature of the product and the industry’s relatively young age, we still don’t have proper legislation and regulation. A lot of people are still against selling cannabis, which makes everything that much harder.

Depending on where you live, you might encounter smaller or bigger issues. For example, a lot of European countries have already streamlined cannabis manufacturing, distribution, and sales. It is a bit different in the US.

In the USA, every state has its own laws. If that wasn’t complicated enough, you also have federal laws.

This makes a distribution from state to state very complicatedly, often forcing marijuana companies to conceal their packages. Not knowing the local legislation can be a problem both for users and manufacturers.

What is even more concerning is the lack of regulation.

Although you have certain “rules of the game” in place (for example, CBD products can have limited THC content), there are a lot of companies that offer subpar products.

Some companies add various ingredients to their CBD substances, completely nullifying their purpose. You also have companies that are using shady extraction processes instead of going for the safer, but more expensive, CO2 extraction.

On top of that, there are lots of online shops with debatable practices. Although this is not the case with all the companies, there are a lot of organizations that don’t have good website protection, sell bad products, and have lousy customer service.

While the whole industry is relatively young, and it isn’t that saturated, unfair competition makes it harder for companies that want to do everything by the book.

If that wasn’t enough, besides legislation and regulation, CBD companies are facing your traditional issues that most businesses are facing.

Place of a business consultant within a company’s hierarchy

Some people may think that a CBD business consultant is on the same level as a company’s owner when it comes to making business decisions. This isn’t completely true.

Although a consultant’s advice is valuable, the expert will never supersede the top management of a CBD enterprise. As the title implies, the expert is there just to offer any advice, and it is management’s job to decide whether or not to act upon that advice.

CBD business consultants almost always have contact with the top brass. This also depends on the company structure and size.

These experts usually attend board meetings and other important events. If we’re talking about external business counselors, they are not as intertwined with the company as the internal ones, but they still have an important role within the hierarchy.

A lot of CBD companies hire business consultants because it’s trendy, or they’ve heard about other CBD companies that hired one. After that, they proceed by not listening to any of their tips.

If you’re serious about getting CBD business consulting, you should also be prepared to give the reigns to that particular person. In the end, an expert is there to help you out, not harm your company.

Should you outsource a business consultant?

When hiring a business consultant, there are several things you need to consider.

First and foremost, you need to decide if there is a particular issue you need an adviser for. If you need a CBD expert on a constant basis, you might as well consider hiring an internal consultant.

However, if you need, let’s say, a marketing expert, you might consider outsourcing a CBD business expert. This person would work as an external consultant. Given that this is outsourcing, the person will likely make contact with you online, via Zoom or Skype.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider CBD consultant outsourcing:

  • It is cheaper. Most outsourced experts come from countries with lower income making them more affordable than the US consultants. However, that doesn’t mean you will get a lower quality service. In fact, the quality of service may even be better than that offered by the big CBD business consulting firms in America.
  • By outsourcing a CBD consultant online, you will be able to avoid all the taxes and other expenses that are related to hiring a person in the states. Even if you decide to pay these expenses or if you have an additional office abroad, you can find a country where they are lower than those in the States thus saving some money
  • Outsourcing is especially great for marketing purposes. There are a lot of people who basically live online. They are well versed in SEO and SMM, so they can definitely find the right solution for your cannabis company.

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