Cannabis Website Design: 6 Vital Factors to Consider

Nikolay Stoyanov

January 4, 2022

The website is supposed to be the centerpiece of your CBD advertising campaign. It creates a contact point with potential clients. Thus, if you have a lousy cannabis website design, you won’t be able to persuade people to buy from you.

How vital is cannabis website design?

Although everyone knows about how crucial bespoke web design is, only a handful of CBD companies managed to implement proper solutions.

Even if you have the best marijuana marketing expert on board, many things can go awry. Small mistakes can be costly, and even worse, it might take months until you realize there is something wrong.

Creating a cannabis website from scratch can be pretty tedious and time-consuming. However, one of the things that can help you out is making a shortlist with all the main points you need to consider. 

Here are some of the main things you need to consider when planning a cannabis website design.

Consider user experience and SEO

When we mention cannabis website design, most entrepreneurs will think of colors, patterns, and other visual aids to increase sales. But, if you ask a cannabis marketing expert, it all has to start with user experience and search engine optimization.

We mention these two in the same breath because they are closely connected. Without a good user experience, you will have trouble optimizing the site later.

Your website will require good architecture; you should be able to reach any page on the site in 2-3 clicks.

You will also have to emphasize responsive marijuana web design and site speed. There are some indications that search engines have started measuring users’ interaction with sites.

The amount of time your visitors spend on your website, the total number of clicks, and page views affect your overall site’s SEO performance.

All of this plays a significant part in optimizing your website and attaining better rankings on Google.

Products should be your focal point.

The future of the cannabis business is bright.

Even if your state prohibits its use, there is a reason to believe that most states in the United States will allow it in the next few decades.

Furthermore, there is a good chance that marijuana will become the first legal psychedelic drug in the USA.

So, you have to ask yourself:

Are you going with CBD marijuana, or will you also offer the regular THC cannabis?

This decision can be major for your website. Therefore, you will have to consider this from the start.

For example, imagine registering a CBD-related domain name just to change your product assortment. Such a decision will also affect your cannabis web design, categories, and the general outlook of your business. Don’t forget that it will also affect the content on your site.

If you decide to go from CBD to CBD/THC overnight, you might look like a pharmaceutical company that has gone all-in on psychedelic drugs. And trust us when we say that this is not a good look!

Although you can change certain things on the go (you can even revamp the whole site), it is much better to do this before making any significant investment in your cannabis business. 

Is it an online store or a blog?

Nowadays, most sites that sell products also have a blog section. It has become a widespread practice.

But, keep in mind some sites only have an online shop. So, as a cannabis entrepreneur, you need to consider how your site will look.

  • Will you try to combine a blog and an online store?
  • What do you want to put on your homepage? Blog posts or bestselling products?
  • Or maybe you wish to place your focus on marijuana news?

You will have to decide at one point; however, we suggest you do it as soon as possible.

Colors schemes

Every industry has its go-to color. Unfortunately, we tend to neglect these color schemes as we are so used to them. But, there is a reason why the most prominent global businesses use certain themes.

For example, the most common color for marijuana shops is green. It is a color that signifies plants, life, environment, and health, so it makes sense for marijuana entrepreneurs to use it.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the CBD industry is that you can experiment a lot. Cannabis is primarily regarded as a psychedelic drug, so it wouldn’t be too strange to use rainbow colors or a scheme with numerous color combinations.

Furthermore, we suggest exploring these options instead of merely going for the green. Today, the market is saturated with green marijuana sites.

If you were to create another similar website, you would be lost in a sea of monotony.

Finding the suitable cannabis logo

Marijuana shops are suffering from a similar issue when it comes to logos. There are simply too many leaves out there!

If you use a cannabis leaf for your site, you will lose your competitive advantage. Even worse, it will become harder for potential clients to memorize your brand.

So, we suggest that you go with something different and unique. A good example is using capital letters of your brand or some other letter combination. You can use some other symbol from nature or agriculture.

The companies that are selling CBD marijuana can go with a health logo. As for its colors, make sure they go well with the other colors that you wish to implement on-site.

Implement vision and mission

Never forget that your cannabis website design is a representation of your brand.

When people visit the site, they want to know more about your products and learn about your policies, responsibility, ethical practices, mission, and vision.

You should add all of these on a prominent spot so that everyone can see them.

For example, you can either place it on the homepage or create a new tab for this kind of information. Cannabis companies need to be responsible, especially when talking about CBD marijuana.


You shouldn’t neglect the importance of a professional cannabis website design. Many brands sell their CBD products by creating a buzz on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

However, given that cannabis companies are limited in that regard, you will have to focus on the website as the first point of contact with potential clients. Therefore, it needs to be clean, creative, quick, and represent everything your company stands for.

If you need professional assistance in creating a site, make sure to contact our cannabis marketing company today!

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