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Nikolay Stoyanov

December 23, 2021

Cannabis SEO in the UK has experienced enormous growth in the last few years. Medical hemp is the fastest-growing wellness product globally, and businesses are racing to get a piece of that pie.

Although there are numerous cannabis marketing experts in the UK, making the right choice is really hard. Since this is a relatively new industry, most companies don’t have enough reviews, so it is hard to assess them.

In this article, we will mention why it is vital to hire a cannabis marketing agency in the UK and the main things to look out for when doing so. Check it out!

What is cannabis SEO in the UK?

Cannabis SEO in the UK (search engine optimization in the United Kingdom) represents all the processes meant to put your cannabis web pages at the top of the Google rankings.

When your articles and product pages reach the top spots in Google, they will start getting an enormous number of views.

When a person uses a search engine, they will only visit the first few results. The first page gets the most traffic, and this viewership drops heavily from the second result onwards.

Most users will never click on results below position 5 on Google. So even if you manage to rank 7th or 8th, it will not have any significant impact on your exposure and sales.

Because of this, many cannabis companies never make any impact with their websites. Even if you invest heavily into excellent website design, there simply won’t be enough people to see your pages and inquire about your products.

Is SEO better than other marketing methods?

When it comes to the cannabis industry, in particular, SEO is by far the best way to promote your company.

Countries such as the UK are still very restrictive regarding hemp and marijuana advertising. The same goes for the US.

So, if you wish to promote cannabis on Instagram or Twitter, the platform will quickly delete your content, and you might even lose your account. Because of that, you don’t even have the option of performing social media marketing.

You can say a similar thing for Google PPC or pay-per-click. The company doesn’t allow paid promotion of cannabis products. So, that is another thing you cannot count on.

While there are a few marketing methods that you might consider utilizing, such as promoting cannabis through Facebook groups or performing email marketing, none of these are viable. This is why cannabis SEO in the UK is the optimal solution.

Given that you’re not paying Google or Facebook to advertise cannabis, you can do this activity as much as you want. But, in the end, search engines cannot prevent search results from appearing regardless of the topic or query used.

So, when a person looks for the “cheapest CBD oil in the UK,” you have a chance of ranking at the top and making huge sales.

How will cannabis SEO affect your UK brand?

There are many reasons for utilizing cannabis SEO in the UK beyond just traffic.

Of course, most people want to get as many visitors as quickly as possible. Naturally, this would have a significant impact on their sales. But, there is another big reason why you should consider hiring a UK cannabis agency.

What most people don’t realize cannabis SEO is much more than simply accruing traffic. It is a process of brand building.

These results tend to stay. If you manage to reach page one for numerous keywords and create enough great content, it will be tough to topple you.

On top of that, having a well-optimized website will make it easier to perform other marketing activities as you will already make a name for yourself.

SEO has a cumulative effect where it gets easier and easier to achieve results. Every link, every piece of content, can create an avalanche effect.

After a while, your brand will run itself, with minimal need for further optimization. And this is another great thing about it.

Unlike SMM and PPC, where you constantly need to pay for the service, with SEO, there is a moment where you will do the majority of things and won’t need to invest as much.

At this point, you can minimize expenditures. You will only have to pay for maintenance and monthly link building.

When you reach this point, cannabis SEO will become much more worth it than any other digital marketing promotion.

How to find the right cannabis marketing agency in the UK?

Even if you’re unacquainted with this service, there are a few things you can do to find a reputable company:

1. Focus on companies that can perform all the related SEO tasks on a high level. 

This is a very complex process that is done in several steps. After setting up your website, performing mobile optimization and speed improvements, a cannabis SEO expert will do keyword research.

Finding the proper CBD keywords is crucial. This will make it easier to get higher volumes of traffic with less work.

Then, a cannabis content marketing team will start producing articles and product pages, which will serve as the backbone of the website.

2. Search engine optimization is a very competitive field, especially within the cannabis industry. 

Given that companies are limited in their marketing options, most of them will try to gain traffic by relying on SEO.

So, there is no guarantee that you will get these amazing results and that you’ll reach position 1 for every keyword possible.

It would be best if you tempered your expectations. If a company tries to guarantee results, this is a red flag, and you should probably avoid them.

3. What are their SEO prices? 

As mentioned, this process is very complex, and you need to perform several procedures along the way. Furthermore, every cannabis SEO marketing agency in the UK has a few separate teams specializing in certain tasks.

You have to pay all these people, which is why the service tends to be a bit steep. If a company has way too low prices, this could indicate that some of its methods are subpar and that they won’t yield the necessary results.

If you need UK cannabis SEO, we suggest going with our company. CBD Advertising Agency is one of the first companies to offer these services, even before hemp was fully legalized.

We know the industry like the back of our pocket, and we can definitely move the needle for you.

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