Cannabis Packaging: How To Choose The Best Company

Nikolay Stoyanov

January 4, 2022

Finding the right cannabis packaging partner can be a bit hard.

There are a lot of packaging companies on US soil, which is why it’s easy to make a mistake. Whether we’re talking about jars, bags, or other items, you need to find a solution that will benefit your brand and showcase it in the best way possible.

To make a wise decision, we’ve created this short guide. First, we will share a few tricks for finding the right partner, after which we will mention some of the top organizations that provide cannabis packaging.

What should I look out for?

If this is your first business (or, even worse, first cannabis business), you might be at a loss regarding packaging. So naturally, you know that packaging is important, but how important?

Let’s just say that with a proper supplier, you can save money, create the right brand identity, and optimize your processes.

Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a company:

1. Stock packaging or custom-made packaging

Every cannabis company has its own stock items. These are your run-of-the-mill products that are offered to all cannabis companies.

The most common stock items include jars, vaporizers, pre-roll tubes, baggies, etc. Often, it is hard to distinguish stock items made by different cannabis packaging companies.

In terms of money, they are the best solution. The packaging company will always have a lot of stock items in their inventory so that you won’t experience any hassle.

But, a lot of CBD organizations prefer having bespoke packaging. These items cost a bit more, but you will have to pay extra for them.

Needless to say, branding benefits are enormous if you go with this option because everyone will notice if you have different baggies from the other competitors on the local market.

2. Does CBD packaging fit your ideal customer and brand image?

Whether you choose to go with stock or custom packaging, you will have to consider whether these items suit your ideal clients and brand.

Even if we’re talking about regular stock items (which tend to be dull), there are a lot of differences between different companies’ packaging. So check the cannabis market thoroughly, and find the goods that fit your company.

For example, if you’re trying to sell high-end marijuana products, you will need proper packaging to reflect their quality.

3. Location of the cannabis packaging company

Although you can always rely on UPS to quickly deliver the goods, sometimes, you will need the packaging within the same day. The majority of US cannabis companies are small dispensaries with limited storage space.

They cannot keep large quantities of packaging items within a store, and it’s not feasible to rent a storage room. So, the quickness of delivery becomes a vital factor for any business.

Choosing the local company within your city or general area always has advantages. However, sometimes, you will need new items within the day.

While this might seem small, it is definitely worth considering.

4. Do you need a marijuana packaging fulfillment company?

Basically, packaging fulfillment companies take jars and other items and fill them. They might do this by hand, or they might rely on machinery.

Anyway, packaging fulfillment companies exist so that you don’t have to fill packages yourself. Another potential advantage comes in the form of storage.

Given that most of these companies work with large volumes, they usually have their own storage space. So not only will they prepare products for you, but they will also store them until you need them.

Depending on the calculation, this might be worth it. For example, instead of paying people to do this job, you can hire a machinery company, thus expediting the process.

5. Pricing

Lastly, we need to mention pricing. Most companies perceive packaging as nothing more than expenditure.

They couldn’t care less if they had custom items, and instead, they try to cut the cost as much as possible. This makes sense, especially if you’re a smaller dispensary that just opened its doors.

Although it isn’t hard to calculate packaging costs, make sure to cover all the angles (like additional shipping fees or necessary storage).

5 Best cannabis packaging companies in the US

Kush Supply Co.

The best thing about Kush Supply Co. is that they’re all over the place. They have locations in Washington, Colorado, California, Massachusetts, and Nevada. So if your business is within these states (or in a neighboring state), Kush Supply Co. can be a great solution.

All of their items are eco-friendly and adhere to legal standards. So you won’t have any headaches when using them.

In fact, you can brag to your customers that you have some of the best items on the local market. They have packaging for pre-rolls, flowers, edibles, and anything else you can think of.

Marijuana Packaging

Marijuana Packaging is one of the first companies to enter this business, which you can tell by its name.

The company specializes in marijuana packaging, but they also have specialized machines like commercial grinders and pre-roll machines. Their assortment is simply incredible, and what’s even better, they are getting new items all the time.

Given their experience, they provide some of the best customer services on the market. No matter what you need, they can create items that fit your company’s image.

Whenever you order a product worth more than $250, you will also get free shipping. This is a great way to save money on top of everything.


While Marijuana Packaging and Kush Supply Co. are similar to the traditional packaging companies, FunkSac has a more innovative approach. They have items such as cultivation bags, child-resistant bags (that are awesome), samplers, and so much more.

Although their items look cool, the company complies with all the laws. Furthermore, their packaging is meant to keep your cannabis fresh at all times.

If you still haven’t decided on a company, we suggest that you at least try FunkSac’s samplers. They are an excellent solution for all those who have limited knowledge of packaging but want to try out some of the products without investing too much.


This is another company that prides itself on its innovative, child-resistant packaging.

Dymapak’s website offers virtual assistance allowing its potential customers to inquire about the items on the spot. In fact, the company focuses on customer satisfaction as the basic principle of their business.

Dymapak is a leader in innovative design with its Securitin and Twistspenser items. According to the company, Securitin is the world’s first recyclable child-resistant tin.

On the other hand, Twistspenser is a child-resistant dispensing pen for concentrate packaging. So if your marijuana dispensary is located in an area with lots of young families, Dymapak can be the best packaging partner for you.

Pollen Gear

Pollen Gear sells some of the best-looking, coolest marijuana packagings in the country.

But, although their items are very jovial, they are a serious company. Their SnapTech technology will always keep your cannabis as fresh as possible.

Their products are sturdy and innovative. Because of that, you might be able to charge your own products a bit higher. So make sure to check their website!

Final words

No matter which cannabis packaging company you choose, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied. These 5 are all great, but we encourage you to do your research.

As already mentioned, perhaps it would be cheaper, and better, if you can find a suitable location provider.

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