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Cannabis Marketing Services & Best Weed Internet Marketing Experts

Most cannabis companies are struggling to find the right cannabis marketing services and channels. Truth be told, there are lots of barriers to marijuana manufacturers.

Until recently, the substance was prohibited in the US, and affiliated companies are just starting to loosen their stance on doing business with the cannabis industry.

Limited choice of cannabis marketing services

Keep in mind, there is a lot of prejudice surrounding both CBD and recreational weed, so some organizations are unwilling to work with the cannabis industry regardless of all the potential medical benefits.

One group that hasn’t loosened its stance is ad providers. This is especially true for big internet platforms such as Google ads, Facebook ads, and Twitter ads.

All of this makes it harder to find the optimal marijuana marketing service that would fit your needs. But it isn’t impossible! There are several options you should definitely check out.

Our CBD marketing company can provide all of these cannabis marketing services. Just make sure to give us a call, and we will give you the quote.

Without further ado, let’s check the best cannabis marketing services for your dispensary, and how you can benefit by implementing them.

1) Search engine optimization (SEO)

When it comes to cannabis internet marketing, there isn’t a better way to promote your organization than by hiring CBD or cannabis SEO experts.

The most popular ad platforms currently forbid marijuana ads. This puts you in a tight spot regarding available marketing channels.

The reason why you cannot prevent search engine optimization is that you cannot prevent people from inquiring about marijuana. Web-users will always seek answers to different questions, so unlike ads, you cannot do much about it if you’re Google.

Needless to say, this gives cannabis companies a rare opportunity to promote their brand.

So, what is SEO?

SEO is a set of processes that should propel a site to the top of Google rankings. As you reach top rankings, you will be able to get more visits and, thus, much more leads.

Although SEO takes some time to kick in, once you reach these top positions, it is really hard to lose them. Unlike ads, where you stop getting benefits when you stop paying, SEO will provide continuous results even when you stop cooperating with a cannabis marketing expert.

2) Social media marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing or SMM is one of the most common digital marketing channels. It has some similarities with SEO allowing you to generate organic, unpaid traffic.

The biggest issue with SMM is that you cannot rely on paid ads. Most platforms are very restrictive when it comes to weed, so don’t even try it.

You might even encounter some issues when you go for organic social media traffic. But, as long as you avoid creating promotional or salesy content, you should be ok.

While Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter prohibit sales of cannabis (even if it’s medical cannabis), you are free to post educational content.

Most cannabis companies make a mistake by presuming they can handle social media by themselves. This is because all entrepreneurs have a social media account, which makes them believe they are experts in the field. This cannot be farther from the truth.

If you want to build your network properly, you will need a social media guru. Our company provides social media marketing services for dispensaries and CBD companies, so make sure to give us a call!

3) Local SEO

Local SEO has numerous similarities with SEO, but also certain differences.

Unlike general SEO, where you focus on global Google rankings, local SEO is more targeted. This process focuses on optimizing your website for local searches. It is ideal for cannabis dispensaries and other stops that are selling marijuana-related products.

SEO cannabis marketing experts will focus on several things, such as placing your company on all business and local listings. That way, it will be much easier for search engines to find your business. They will also tweak some other minor details, such as your connection details.

Local optimization is especially important for mobile users. People are now accustomed to searching for local businesses while on the go. If you’re not properly optimized, you will miss all those potential leads.

4) Email marketing

A lot of cannabis companies are collecting data from their customers but rarely utilize them. Everyone has the idea of using these emails for newsletter campaigns, which rarely come to pass.

You shouldn’t neglect the amazing potential all this collected data has. First and foremost, these are people who gave you their emails willingly; they’re expecting future emails from your company. Not taking advantage of that would be ludicrous.

But, like everything else in life, this comes with a caveat. You shouldn’t send them whatever! Instead, you should send blog posts and offer that is going to intrigue them. There is no point in performing an email campaign if you can’t get any conversion.

Like with everything else marijuana-related, you might get flagged if you send inappropriate messages. Oftentimes, emails are blocked if they contain certain illegal phrases or if they force people to buy cannabis. Make sure to formulate your emails, so they’re not blocked!

5) Content marketing

Content is the backbone of every website. If you don’t have a blog in 2020, you will struggle to get the necessary marketing results. Everything starts with good content, and your task is just to share it properly among potential leads.

Although many cannabis sites create articles on a constant basis, very few of them are able to achieve consistent results. Usually, this is because their content is simply not on par with the posts published by the competitors.

Producing high-quality content may be tough, but it isn’t impossible. All you need is a good content marketing agency to back you up.

Keep in mind that content comes in various shapes and forms. It is not a static category; instead, it constantly evolves and reinvents itself.

If you want to have quality content, you should be able to create good articles, but also to be able to make videos, podcasts, images, and other digital media.

Top 5 cannabis marketing agencies

Of course, knowing which cannabis marketing services are the best isn’t enough. You will also need a good cannabis marketing agency by your side.

Most of these services are highly dependable on a person who is implementing the strategy. If you hire a weed internet marketing expert who doesn’t have enough experience, you will never achieve the wanted results.

Without further ado, here is our list of the top 5 cannabis digital agencies in the US.

  1. CBD Advertising Agency

Our company has existed for more than 5 years. In this period of time, we’ve worked with a lot of different cannabis companies, from small, to medium, to large.

We can provide all the before mentioned cannabis marketing services. We focus our cannabis strategy on SEO, but also implement SMM and email marketing campaigns. In that sense, the CBD Advertising Agency is a one-stop shop for all your promotional needs.

Although we focus on the US market, we also have some experience working with international companies based in countries such as Canada, Australia, and the UK.

  1. Cannabrand

Cannabrand is one of the most influential marijuana organizations in the world. They are located in Denver, Colorado, but provide services all over the country. Like CBD Advertising Agency, the company provides a full-spectrum of cannabis marketing services. They can do wonders with your PR, SEO, website design, etc.

The company was featured in the Huffington Post, and the New York Times, and you can’t go wrong in choosing them as a potential marketing partner.

  1. PufCreativ

If you need some creative work done, there aren’t many companies better than PufCreativ. The organization specializes in providing services to marijuana companies. Since 2017, they’ve worked on various SEO, SMM, branding, and design projects. PufCreative can also make a wholesome marketing strategy for your organization (if you don’t have one).

Among their more notable project, they’ve worked with companies such as Pot Zero, Eclipse Beverage, and WaxNax.

  1. Foottraffik

Foottraffik is a Californian digital marketing agency for dispensaries that has been around for a while. They provide all sorts of cannabis marketing services to their clients, and they’re willing to take chances where no one else dares. Besides SEO, they specialize in conversion and brand reputation.

One of the things that set Foottraffik apart from their competition is the fact they’re offering service bundles. If you just started investing in your marketing, and don’t have a prior relationship with any advertising company, you might consider taking up this offer. The bundles are relatively cheap compared to their benefits. The best thing yet, you can get all the cannabis marketing services in one place.

  1. ColaDigital

ColaDigital is one of the most reputable cannabis companies in this niche. Unlike most marijuana companies, they have quite an experience. This isn’t really surprising given that they opened their door to the public back in 2004. In this span of time, they’ve managed to become one of the best companies, not only in Canada but the whole of North America.

Like other companies on the list, ColaDigital offers its clients a full digital marketing service. They’ve worked with companies such as Amcanna, MDOrganics, and Cannisence.

Last thoughts

Due to numerous limitations, advertising your cannabis company is no easy task. You need to know what works and what doesn’t.

You also have to find the right partner that will provide satisfactory results. By relying on the 5 companies mentioned in this article, you have a great head start.

Of course, you are also free to manage digital marketing by yourself. However, given all the intricacies of the cannabis industry, we suggest against it. The whole industry can be very tricky, especially if we consider how much time it’s necessary to master various digital marketing strategies.

If you wish, you can also schedule a meeting with our CBD Advertising Team. We can give you a great set of cannabis marketing services, at an affordable price. So, make sure to contact us today!

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