Cannabis Content Marketing: Why It’s Vital for the Hemp Industry

Nikolay Stoyanov

October 24, 2021

Today, we will talk about one crucial aspect of your website’s promotion – cannabis content marketing or hemp content marketing.

Although the USA has done a lot to legalize marijuana and hemp, cannabis companies are still encountering many issues. Perhaps the biggest problem comes in the form of advertising obstacles. Most platforms and search engines do not allow cannabis marketing.

Because of this, companies have to find alternative solutions that would help them promote their brands. Some of the best solutions are cannabis SEO and dispensary content marketing. These methods allow you to circumvent the usual restrictions.

Cannabis content marketing, in particular, is something you can rely on in every situation. Besides web advertising, you can also utilize it for channels.

This article will review why hemp content marketing is so important and how your business can benefit from it. Check it out!

Main issues with cannabis marketing

To understand the importance of cannabis marketing, you have to understand the issues with the traditional marketing channels.

According to US federal law, cannabis businesses cannot advertise in traditional media such as magazines and newspapers. Even if you tried to do so, the US Postal Service has the duty not to print such material. Similar goes for billboards and some other types of promotional material.

You also cannot rely on social media. InstagramTwitter, and Facebook automatically remove posts with some cannabis-related keywords.

So, even if you wanted to promote one of these products, the algorithm wouldn’t allow you to do so. Depending on your transgression, your channel might get banned.

Many companies try to avoid these issues by creating new social media channels and restarting the process. However, this short-term solution won’t help your brand grow.

So, while you might make some sales, it isn’t something you would like to invest heavily in.

Why is cannabis content marketing so important?

Dispensary content marketing can refer to lots of things. Basically, it is a process where you promote a company with various content such as web articles, images, videos, etc.

Although many brands perform this activity regularly, only a handful of them is actually successful. This is why you need to hire a top-notch cannabis advertising agency.

Content is essential for cannabis businesses. Unfortunately, there are numerous misconceptions regarding these products.

A good cannabis content marketer has the opportunity to explain these terms to website visitors, thus building a bridge of trust between parties.

Here are the main 4 reasons why a cannabis or hemp brand should focus on this type of promotional activity:

  • Actionable content showcases your knowledge and understanding of the industry. Reputable, authoritative brands are more likely to gain and retain customers.
  • Good content can help you sell. Persuasive marketers are salesmen of sorts. They can persuade visitors that their product is much better than competitors.
  • CBD content marketing allows you to penetrate certain markets and create new channels. For example, there aren’t many cannabis companies with successful YouTube channels. If you know how to write content properly, you can achieve great results on almost any platform.
  • At this point, marijuana content marketing is the most viable promotional solution for marijuana and hemp businesses. Paid ads and social media marketing are restricted in so many ways, so you need to make your impact elsewhere.

How to start a proper hemp content campaign?

Planning is a crucial part of hemp content marketing campaigns. But, unfortunately, the majority of cannabis businesses avoid this phase.

Here are all of the things you need to do before you start creating content:

  • Formulate your goals. Creating content for content’s sake will not get you far. Every time you write a new piece, you have to ask yourself why you are doing it. Is it raise awareness? Drive more traffic? Or to simply increase conversion? Whatever the answer is, make sure to stick with it and remain consistent.
  • Find your ideal audience. Whether we’re talking about articles, videos, or other types of posts, your message can vary significantly based on your audience.
  • Create content according to your products. As you can presume, you should always highlight your product. But, this needs to be done smartly. You can’t simply tell people to buy from your store. Instead, it would be best to show them why your products are better than the competition. Furthermore, all your posts should strive to promote these items. If you’re talking about something irrelevant, even related to the cannabis industry, you won’t get the necessary results.
  • Focus on CBD keywords. Whether talking about YouTube, Instagram, or Google, every search engine and algorithm focuses on particular hashtags and keywords. Create content that people search and that will more likely get you clicks.

How to hire the right content marketing agency?

As mentioned, content creation is a long-term dedication. Therefore, you shouldn’t hire a new cannabis content marketing agency every few months. This will alienate your visitors and make it harder to enforce your initial content strategy.

That being said, what should an ideal content creation company look like? Here are a few tips that will help you out!

  • First off, a company should specialize in cannabis. Hiring a promoting marketing agency can backfire if they don’t have enough experience working in our industry.
  • Avoid agencies that make medical claims. Governments of the world are zeroing in on unlawful cannabis practices, and it is only a matter of time until websites with wild claims are shut down and penalized.
  • It is much better to hire a company that knows its way around search engine optimization. Written copies, images, and videos should be optimized so that all the major search engines can find them. Furthermore, there are some other aspects of SEO that a content creation company has to consider along the way.
  • Lastly, you should check their track record and previous clients. Some organizations claim they work with cannabis doesn’t mean they actually do. Instead, make sure to analyze all the companies they’ve helped and see how they’re doing.

You should find the right CBD marketing agency for all your marketing needs with these tips!

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