Cannabis Business Social Network: 10 Best 420 Sites

Nikolay Stoyanov

January 5, 2022

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the cannabis business social network.

Below, we’ll share the best 10 cannabis business social networks in the world you should use to boost your cannabiz.

As of January 1st, 2020, adults over twenty-one can buy and use cannabis for recreation. This law isn’t the first of its kind. Of the fifty states in the USA, 11 have entirely decriminalized the possession and use of cannabis.

Thirty-three states have legalized the use of medical marijuana for patients with chronic illnesses. We have a long way to go before we can emulate our Dutch brothers, but we’re on the way.

With all this progress comes opportunity. Selling cannabis (legitimately) and cannabis-related items have become more popular. In 2017, there were over twenty thousand cannabis-related businesses in the US.

Now, in 2020, that number is expected to have at least doubled. There’s a lot of competition in the cannabis industry these days. You need some serious marijuana SEO and content marketing to succeed in the business.

However, cannabis is still illegal or restricted in most countries, limiting how much cannabusiness owners can advertise.

Most businesses in other industries have to deal with certain advertising and marketing restrictions while using mainstream media.

Still, they can always use social media for advertising, make sales, and build brand loyalty.

Businesses in the cannabis industry, on the other hand, don’t have that luxury.

Let us give you a breakdown of what’s going on regarding marketing and advertising cannabis products on social media.

Advertising and Marketing Cannabis on Social Media: The Real Deal

Sure, cannabusinesses can still set up accounts on the leading social media platforms like TwitterFacebookInstagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

But they have to be extremely careful about what they post.

These social media platforms all have policies regarding CBD advertising and the marketing of cannabis.

Even businesses remotely related to marijuana that don’t have anything to do with weed are restricted in marketing.

If a social media platform determines that you have content on your account that might promote the use or sale of cannabis, your account might be permanently deactivated without notice.

If you’ve set up an ad that is deemed to be promoting the use of marijuana, your ad will be taken down without warning. It might not even be approved in the first place.

This is becoming a regular occurrence, and it’s demoralizing for many established cannabis brands not to talk of the new business owners.

Competing cannabusinesses can even report another brand’s post or account as contradictory to that platform’s policies.

Deactivation of a brand’s social media account is a severe issue.

All the resources invested in developing the brand’s presence on the social platform, building a loyal customer base, and creating an image, personality, and voice to fit the brand would all go to waste.

This risk is why many cannabusiness owners now choose to promote their business on social networks exclusively for potheads.

There are cannabis social networks for everything. These platforms have many functions, and you can find dispensaries, business partners, excellent strains, and even love.

However, since we’re focused on cannabusinesses today, here are ten top cannabis business social networks for promoting your cannabiz.

Cannabis Business Social Network: 10 Platforms to Promote Your Cannabiz

1. MJLink

Compared to other cannabis-friendly social media platforms, MJLink is pretty young. It was established by Kenneth Tapp, Tripp Keber, and Leslie Bocksor in 2013.

The platform is a cannabis business social network very similar to LinkedIn. In fact, it is more or less LinkedIn for professionals in the cannabis industry. This social media network also serves as a directory for weed dispensaries.

MJLink just passed the two million users mark, and its community of cannabis users, sellers, growers, manufacturers, marketers, advertisers, testers, etc., is continuously growing.

If you’re a professional in the cannabis industry, MJLink is a great place to network and connect with like-minded people.

MJLink attracts millions of views each month and can serve as a great place to advertise your brand to a receptive audience.

2. Leaf Wire

Leaf Wire is another cannabis business social network made specifically for professionals in the cannabis industry. It exists to help cannabis business professionals find their feet.

If you’re planning on starting a cannabis business or you already work with one, you should probably register for an account on Leaf Wire.

Not only can you network with many professionals, but you can also find investors for your business. And as you grow your business and account, a Leaf Wire member might even decide to invest in your brand.

Also, professionals looking for work within the industry can find an opening on Leaf Wire.

3. WeedLife

WeedLife is owned by the creator of MJLink and caters to the needs of consumers, manufacturers, and professionals. It has a website, as well as user-friendly mobile apps.

The apps are relatively recent, so they’re still a little glitchy, but they’re constantly updated. However, millions of users bear with these faults because of this platform’s many advantages.

WeedLife offers lots of cannabis-based information within its news feed. For example, they show videos about weed, cannabis education, information, news on legalization, etc.

Cannabis business owners can also use their accounts to communicate directly with their customers. For example, customers can post on a brand’s page, ask questions, leave reviews, and generally interact.

If you own a dispensary, you can get your dispensary listed on WeedLife’s map. You can also post any promotions or deals alongside your product.

WeedLife is one of the first cannabis social media platforms to exist, so it has a lot of potential for business.

4. WeedCircles

WeedCircles is a cannabis business social network that’s an offshoot of the WeedLife Network, so you might find that the two platforms are a bit alike.

You’ll find a lot of professionals on this cannabis business social network, but you’ll also find an equal number of buyers. You can easily set up your brand and begin selling as a marijuana vendor.

There are loads of established vendors on this site, though, so you’ll see lots of competition. But, enough people are browsing for pot on WeedCircles to make a tidy sum.

You can also connect with your customers, make new friends or connect with old ones, and make contacts with the cannabis industry. You can even create a marijuana group, grow its membership, and promote your product.

If you want to market and sell your product to thousands of users, WeedCircle is a great way to accomplish that.

5. CannaSOS

CannaSOS has a truly unique feature that sets it apart from the rest of the cannabis-based social media platforms.

This cannabis business social network has an extensive database of product reviews for various marijuana brands and products.

There’s also detailed information on many cannabis strains, their THC ratio, and effects, which isn’t information you’ll see on other cannabis business social networks.

CannaSOS is wholly consumer-based. Most of the content on the site is user-generated. There are loads of groups where you can join, ask questions, and get answers from cannabis manufacturers, sellers, growers, testers, etc.

People on CannaSOS actively try to connect to others. As all kinds of questions concerning weed are asked freely, you can use it to communicate with customers and prospective customers.

You can also promote your business to hundreds of thousands of people that visit CannaSOS every month.

6. Weedable

Weedable is another all-in-one app that has services for both consumers and professionals. This platform has lots of users despite not having an app.

They do have an app in development to make their platform more user-friendly. The app will allow customers to interact with profiles and content while in transit and keep up with their notifications and other activities without waiting on their browsers.

As a professional or business owner in the cannabis industry, you can sell your products on Weedable. You can also advertise them and connect to other professionals in the industry.

After you create your profile on Weedable, you can connect with other users and make friends while still promoting your products and keeping your customers up-to-date with information about your brand.

An excellent profile is a way to get more followers, and with more followers come potential customers and connections.

7. Duby

If you smoke, eat, manufacture, sell, or love weed, you need to be on Duby. Duby might just be the official social media app for potheads.

It has apps available on both Android and iOS to find them on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. It also has a website, but you can only open a new app account. You can still log in and access all the features, though.

Duby is a cannabis business social network of anonymous users. This is done to protect the identity of users from those who might know them and not support their love for all things weed. There are hundreds of thousands of users on this app.

This makes it a fantastic platform to market your product. You can promote your cannabis product on the app, just the way you would on Twitter and Instagram, without all the restrictions.

You can also make friends and connections with fellow potheads and cannapreneurs.

If you’re looking for a mate who’s as much of a cannabis lover as you are, you can find dates easily. Duby even has stories like Instagram, where you can look up people through their photos.

If you like a profile, you “pass” it, and if you don’t, you “put it out.” The app and website are still developing, so we expect Duby to get even better.

8. 420 Magazine Forum

If you wish to connect with other marijuana entrepreneurs, there aren’t many places better than the 420 Magazine Forum.

As an ideal platform for all weed lovers, you can chat with anyone.

The best thing is that most people visiting the forum are laid-back, so you will probably have a lot of fun discussing various topics with them.

The site is also a great source of knowledge. They have various forum sections with topics such as “how to grow marijuana,” “plant and bud photos,” “scientific cultivation data,” and so on.

9. High There

The cannabis industry has experienced such an enormous expansion in the last several years.

Today, you have specialized podcasts, videos, and platforms analyzing the topic. In fact, you even have a cannabis Tinder of a sort!

High There is like Tinder, but for weed lovers. It is available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to hook up with a person; the platform is mainly for connections. However, it also gives you the option of finding the love of your life.

Like all other marijuana platforms, High There is a relaxed place with many cool people. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy it!

10. 420 Singles

420 Singles is a very similar cannabis business social network to High There.

The main difference is the fact that 420 Singles is a bit more oriented towards dating.

The app is very similar to Tinder; you just swipe until you find a person that you like.

Then, you can create a contact and start chatting. It is available on Google Play and Apple Stores.

Can you advertise cannabis products on regular social media platforms?

Although there are fantastic cannabis-based sites and apps to promote your brand, you might still want to improve your cannabis business on regular social networks.

Mainstream social media and networks have so many rules for posting content about “drugs” that it’s hard to keep track of what kind of content is acceptable on these apps, especially when you’re new to the business.

Having your content deleted is painful, and deactivating your account is even worse.

Here are four tips on how to avoid both while still promoting your cannabis business on mainstream social networks.

1. Your content has to be educational

When advertising a cannabis product on mainstream social media, your message can’t read like you’re advertising your product at all.

It sounds confusing, doesn’t it? We’ll explain.

The restrictions on many social networks do not allow the promotion of cannabis or its products.

Sometimes, depending on how much interaction the service has with cannabis, such a service cannot be promoted, either. Instead, it’s all seen as content that’ll propagate the use of marijuana.

However, providing information about cannabis is not under any such restriction. Therefore, if you can find a way to provide information about cannabis while promoting your business covertly, your advertisement may be allowed.

2. Make your content shareable

There’s nothing better than having good organic reach when you’re marketing.

Organic reach or earned reach means your content is reaching an audience that you didn’t pay for.

This phenomenon can only happen when your content is shared or reposted. It can be shared on different sites, blogs, forums, or even on cannabis business social networks.

Your content can only be shared if it’s good or serves some purpose. Therefore, you should emphasize producing excellent content that resonates with your readers.

With this, your content and message, and product will reach your target audience without you lifting a finger or spending a cent on marketing.

3. Create a community

People often have a terrible perspective regarding cannabis social media promotion. The end goal is not to simply sell a product; you need to sell a story.

Given that our hands are tied when it comes to paid promotion, we need to find ways to circumvent the issue. Instead of offering cannabis, offer networking.

Creating a buzzworthy community is the best thing you can do. Although the process of marijuana legalization is well on its way, that doesn’t mean that the plant is wholly sanctioned.

You still have to be very careful when buying weed in most countries. This is why people connect in other to bypass law enforcement agencies.

Now, we are not saying that you should do anything illegal, but instead, we suggest that you create a channel that would help people reach equal-minded individuals.

The best way to do it is by creating Facebook groups or by stimulating communication within your own Twitter clout.

4. Get a Cannabis Influencer

A social media influencer can help a lot when promoting your content.

However, not all influencers are qualified to promote cannabis-related content. A few requirements must be met before the deal is sealed.

First off, the influencer has to already have your target audience as followers or friends. If they don’t, they’ll be promoting your content to an audience that might not be able to afford it or doesn’t need it.

Secondly, your influencer has to know the social media platform’s policy on cannabis-related content. This is because your influencer can create promotional material all they want, but if it gets removed, it won’t make a difference.

Finally, your influencer must know the rules concerning publishing content for businesses. More importantly, they must comprehend laws on disclosing material connections.

This law says if an influencer is paid for publishing any content for a company, then the material connection must be disclosed in the content posted. You can read further on it here.

3 Types of ideal social media content

Not every type of marijuana content will be successful. Therefore, you have to be very cautious when choosing the proper method.

If you wish to increase your cannabis followership quickly, here are some of the best content types you should create to attract new people:

1. Blog posts

No matter what, blog posts always reign supreme.

With blog posts, you can express yourself in any way you want. You are not limited by a social network or outside forum rules.

We mainly talk about articles posted on your website, but guest posts can also provide some traction.

When it comes to marijuana, you can write pretty much about anything.

You can explain growing, talk about various strains, the industry’s future, new and exciting products, etc.

Of course, you can always go off the rails and try something crazy. But, in the end, most cannabis users are relaxed by nature, so they will appreciate any type of content as long as it’s educational or funny.

2. Podcasts

Podcasts are taking the internet by storm.

They are an ideal substitution for the traditional radio. Furthermore, instead of being forced to listen to various subjects, you can simply choose the podcasts that you like on topics that interest you.

Even though most people listen to podcasts as they go to work or during excessing, there are many who like to relax after a long, hard day by listening to one of these shows.

Cannabis podcasts can focus on various topics, not just marijuana.

You can embed podcasts on various platforms, your own blog, and social media, which makes them that much better.

3. Videos

We also have to mention videos as the dominant media of the 21st century.

Most of the videos are posted on YouTube and then embedded on appropriate blogs.

It is a bit trickier to create marijuana videos. However, if you wish, you can create a similar concept to podcasts, talking about a particular subject.

If you’re young and hip, you can host the show yourself. However, it is essential to connect with your target audience, and although many people think they would be great at this, only a handful of them survives.

Given that marijuana has been a part of pop culture for a long time, you can also make various funny videos on the topic.

For example, you can create compilations of the funniest cannabis scenes in movies or celebrities that were high during TV shows.

No matter what, just be creative because that is what your audience wants from you!

In conclusion

Marketing is vital to any business.

The restrictions on cannabusinesses make it challenging to harness the power of social media to beat the competition.

Thankfully, there are other means and platforms to do so, the best of which we’ve listed here.

There are ways to use mainstream social media, but it’s a more complicated means. However, you can always enhance your cannabis business with social networks, whatever method you choose.

Make sure to try every cannabis business social network on our list and share your experience in the comments below.

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