Cannabis Brands: Top Marijuana Companies

Nikolay Stoyanov

December 31, 2021

Although the cannabis industry is relatively new, there are a lot of powerful, gigantic cannabis brands out there. These companies are making serious money, and some are even listed on various stock markets.

This should come as a shock; the industry as a whole has constantly grown in the last 10 years. So without further ado, let’s check some of the biggest weed brands!

Leafly (probably the best among cannabis brands)

Even if you’re new to this industry, there is a slim chance you haven’t heard of Leafly. The company has existed for more than 10 years (since 2010). In this time, it has made a major impact on the whole market. Leafly has experienced an impressive surge once medical marijuana became legal in 2014, and nowadays, they have the biggest, most visited cannabis website in the world. The best thing about the website is that they provide a lot of information about various strains and products. If you have little experience with cannabis (whether medical or recreational), this is the best place to start learning. Besides listing products and strains, they will also provide ratings and reviews. Leafly can also help you find the best local dispensaries.

Canopy Growth Corp

Another major organization on the market is Canopy Growth Corp. Initially, this company was established as Tweed Marijuana Inc. In 2015, it changed its name to Canopy Growth Corporation, and after a while, it became the first US cannabis business that was completely regulated and licensed. To make things even better for them, they are a publicly-traded company giving their shareholders another layer of security. Like most other companies on the list, Canopy Growth Corp. has experienced a significant surge with the legalization of weed in Canada. This weed brand is also present in Germany, Jamaica, Spain, Denmark, Brazil, and Chile. According to their public relations team, the company intends to spread further into new markets.


Weedmaps is a website and a platform at the same time. It is one of the most popular places for hemp and cannabis users alike. It was first established in 2008, and by the next year, it had started gaining massive traction. Often, people compare Weedmaps vs. Leafly. Both of these top cannabis brands have numerous similarities, as they try to provide information on other weed brands, products, and cannabis strains. One thing that sets Weedmaps apart is that they can show you a list of local dispensaries. Whether you live in the US, Canada, or somewhere else where cannabis is legal, you can easily and quickly access the closest store near your location. Besides locator, Weedmaps will show you ratings and reviews for these dispensaries so that you can make the right purchasing decision.


Flowhub is a major marijuana brand that doesn’t get talked about enough. This company has unique solutions for cannabis stores and dispensaries, allowing them to process their transactions easier, manage their inventory, and overall streamline all their processes in a better, more logical way. Compared to the 3 previously mentioned top cannabis brands, Flowhub is a relatively new organization. It was established in 2015, but they have become trendy among cannabis entrepreneurs in the US and broader due to their revolutionary idea. Besides the fact that this platform can help you with inventory and other processes, they made sure that everything’s according to the law. Flowhub’s focus is on increasing customers’ sales while minimizing operational costs and losses.


If you’re looking for a fantastic app that would help you out with marijuana and hemp deliveries, there aren’t much better than Eaze. In a way, this service is very similar to other delivery and transportation services, but the only different thing is that it involves cannabis. Initially, it started as a small cannabis brand run from an apartment, and now, Eaze supplies users all over Oregon and California. As time passed, the company also started including other services. Some of these services are unique to the cannabis industry. For example, they can help users get their medical marijuana cards or perform regular polls and queries that would provide additional insights into cannabis users’ preferences and needs.


Initially, MassRoots started as a weed social media. It was founded in 2013, and as you can presume, it was mainly focused on cannabis enthusiasts. Users can share pics, connect, and discuss various marijuana and hemp-related topics through this platform. The website has experienced a meteoric rise from the get-go. Through word-of-mouth, thousands of users flocked to MassRoots within the first weeks. This made them the fastest-growing cannabis social network and cannabis brands at that time. Today, it has more than a million users, and it also provides some services. For example, the company has created a reward system that gives you certain perks when you buy from specific dispensaries. They also offer dispensary advertising and local dispensary guides for users.


GreenRush is regarded as one of the biggest marketplaces for cannabis users. This cannabis brand allows you to find products and dispensaries quickly. What’s great about GreenRush is that it is present in various states. It is also focused on both medical and recreational users. What sets it apart from other websites is its sophisticated filter. You can browse the items based on the strain, category, payment method, etc. So, you can find the precise product in close vicinity without moving a muscle.


MOTA is among the famous cannabis brands for its edibles. They offer a wide range of gummies, chocolate, and other cannabis goods. As time went by, the company has diversified its offer. Nowadays, they also sell various topical items, capsules, extracts, and everything else you might need to enhance your marijuana experience. The main reason why it is so popular is that it offers some substances that cannot be found elsewhere. For example, they have cannabis products for horses and massage oils that are high in both THC and CBD.

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