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Cannabis Branding: 4 Crucial Tips for CBD Brands

Are you paying attention to your cannabis branding? If not, this article will teach you why this is critical to the success of your cannabusiness.

The cannabis industry is on a major rise. As more states allow the use of the drug, the number of clients and companies will steadily increase. 

At this point, most companies are trying to maximize their online visibility and increase profits.

In doing so, a lot of entrepreneurs skip steps. They will focus their efforts on short-term returns, totally neglecting long-term cannabis brand development.

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Cannabis branding: Now’s the right time to start

As the industry continues to mature in the US, the weaker players will slowly get eliminated.

The competition will increase in time, which is why only the best companies will remain active. Micromanagement will become more important.

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If you don’t address your cannabis branding, there is a chance you will go under with other, weaker weed brands. Perhaps you were able to skip this step by now, but in time, it will catch up to you.

In order to help you out, we have created this short article point, which includes some major tricks that will propel your marijuana branding to the next level.

1) Start by creating a cannabis brand identity

Creating a set of values is the first step you need to take. You cannot simply present yourself as a cannabis company that sells CBD products online. No, you need to showcase your uniqueness.

The main reason why you need a set of values is to show people that you’re doing things the right way. It is much better if they are a reflection of your personal beliefs and moral code. This will make your cannabis branding easier to implement.

These values can be packaged in numerous ways, but they usually come down to a similar thing: your willingness to improve the world for the better.

Implementing a marijuana brand identity will also help people differentiate your company from all the others. It is generally better if you have a different message from all other competitors within the industry.

However, you still need a set of values that the people will appreciate. Having a cannabis brand identity for the sake of it will not give the proper results. You need to believe in what you’re preaching.

Once you create the right brand identity, you need to share it, showcase it on every opportunity, and stick with it through better or worse.

This way, the customers and other stakeholders will take your message to heart and are more likely to remember it.

2) Think about social media channels

It is essential to create a cannabis brand identity that can spread throughout various platforms.

Among others, you will have to find an image and cannabis website design that you can share on various social media profiles.

Why is this important, and why do we need to emphasize this?

At this point, cannabis is pretty limited when it comes to CBD advertising options. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all prohibit cannabis activity in one way or another.

These networks don’t allow cannabis ads, and even a mention of marijuana products can get you in trouble. Because of that, our hands are tied when it comes to social media marketing as well as pay-per-click advertising.

In the near future, all of this might change. Some of the social platforms may adopt a more lenient attitude towards cannabis. But until then, we have to wait patiently.

When that day comes, it is crucial to have a marijuana brand that can be adopted on any network. Think about color schemes, design, logo, images, videos, etc.

Although most social media are flexible, you will still have to find a way to spread the same message throughout. This is especially true if you wish to be active on several platforms at the same time.

3) Place focus on your cannabis logo

This might seem like oversimplifying things, but the cannabis logo plays a major role in spreading your brand message.

The logo is a small image that can be used virtually anywhere. Whether we’re talking about social media, websites, videos, images, products, you can insert it almost anywhere.

If the stakeholders are already acquainted with your cannabis policies, it will be easy to establish a relationship through a log.

In the cannabis niche, green is the most common color for the logo (as well as other design elements). It is a color that signifies plants, ecology, and health.

It is also the color of the plant itself, so everything related to cannabis branding comes nicely together. Most companies opt to go with this color, but you can also consider other ones.

The great thing about cannabis is that people usually relate it to happiness. It is a psychedelic plant, so that makes sense. This gives you the option of combining various colors and shapes.

Nothing would seem out of place when it comes to marijuana. It is also great that cannabis companies are perceived as “loose,” so no one would hold it against you if you try something crazy. 

4) Hire a cannabis marketing company

Hiring a cannabis marketing company can go a long way.

Most marijuana entrepreneurs are young people compared to some other industries in niches.

According to marketing reports, these guys have limited knowledge of agriculture (although this is not a rule) and a lot of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, this lack of experience can cause problems in certain areas of business.

For example, as you start focusing on the agricultural and financial side of the job, you might start making marijuana branding mistakes. Given the importance of cannabis branding, this is something you should avoid at all costs.

A company can always go back and rebrand its cannabis business. But, we would suggest against it, especially if you gained some traction.

So, it is much better to have a good head start and implement all the necessary cannabis branding principles from the get-go.

This is where a cannabis marketing company can help. As you focus on things that matter, a team of experts will take charge of your cannabis SEO and content marketing efforts.

To sum it up

With these amazing cannabis branding tips, you will be able to brand the cannabis business without any issues.

Keep in mind that the most important thing is to be proactive. It is much better to create a marijuana brand image at the very start than to wait for a while.

This will save you a lot of trouble in the future. Get in touch with us today and get your FREE quote and consultation!

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