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Cannabis Advertising on Twitter: Forget About Marijuana Products

Today, we’re going to talk about cannabis advertising on Twitter.

If you have a CBD company, one of your first concerns is how to promote the business.

Most marijuana brands are online-based, which makes it harder to spread the message and reach potential clients.

However, if you manage to do it, you can expect much higher profits compared to the traditional brick-and-mortar companies.

Cannabis is quite a peculiar product. It seems that almost every state has a different view of it.

Some perceive it as a recreational drug and have no legislative limits towards its use. Other states see it as a beneficial medicine while the rest doesn’t want anything to do with it.

This makes it really hard to create a federal framework that would streamline its use. For now, cannabis is mostly within the gray zone. The biggest issue is when you transport it across the state borders.

All these issues make it hard for Twitter advertisers.

The popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are generally shy when it comes to promoting the plant. This also includes Twitter.

So, without further ado, here is everything you need to know about cannabis advertising on Twitter.

Twitter is extremely restrictive towards cannabis

Although it is possible to slip a “forbidden” post on Twitter, moderators are pretty quick to respond.

The platform prevents the selling of products such as drugs and sex, which makes it really hard to promote marijuana and CBD.

In fact, according to CBD marketing experts, Twitter is one of the harder platforms to penetrate.

When we’re talking about cannabis advertising on Twitter, most people think of Twitter ads.

Like with any other social platform, most entrepreneurs focus on ads as something that can make quick returns on their investment.

Forget about CBD advertising on Twitter. Try SEO instead!

Initially, marijuana companies don’t want to bother with things such as social media marketing and search engine optimization for cannabis brands.

Instead, they try to start the selling cycle by investing heavily in platforms such as Twitter.

Alas, it is impossible to run Twitter ads for cannabis. If moderators catch you perform any promotional activity of this kind, you will likely be banned from the platform forever.

Does that mean you cannot advertise marijuana products on Twitter?

Not exactly.

Using Twitter as a marijuana promotional tool

Even though you’re unable to run cannabis ads on Twitter, keep in mind that other competitors are in a similar pickle.

The same goes for other social media channels.

So, even though you can increase your reach, your competitors will not be able to advertise as well.

The last thing you want to do is try and slip a promotional message through Twitter.

Instead, you should try to develop your account organically.

6 Things to consider when promoting CBD products on Twitter

  • Create a standard account that would focus on news
  • Don’t try to sell or post prices
  • You can, however, put a link to your site and other social profiles
  • Try to add value and increase your network
  • Be consistent with your brand message
  • Try to connect this account to other accounts (also, link to Twitter from your site)

If you’re creating posts about marijuana, most followers will presume that you’re also selling cannabis.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling directly or if you’re simply driving traffic to the site from your Twitter account.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that one day, social media platforms such as Twitter will allow cannabis promotion.

When that happens, you will have a very developed account with thousands of loyal followers ready to buy your CBD products like crazy.

This might seem like a hefty investment in terms of time and money, but you have limited options as it is. It is much better for a cannabis entrepreneur to set things in motion than to sit idly.

Twitter does provide an alternative, and we are confident this is a cannabis marketing strategy you should pursue in 2020 and beyond.

Last thoughts

The main three pillars of marijuana marketing are PPC (pay-per-click), SMM (social media marketing), and SEO (search engine optimization).

Although cannabis companies have limited options in terms of PPC, we are still able to optimize our site for Google and to create amazing social media accounts.

As already mentioned, you shouldn’t be discouraged by the current advertising situation. Most of these platforms will change their rules on time.

Nowadays, people have a more favorable opinion on cannabis, and it is only a matter of time until it becomes legal everywhere.

Until then, make sure to develop your network and channels. When the changes come, you will experience a sudden rise in profits.

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